• larowe larowe
    December 28, 2010
    Does Long Term Xanax Use Cause Permanent Brain Damage?
    larowe larowe
    December 28, 2010

    i was told that long term use of xanax causes brain damage...i was on it from 1984 1mg 3xda,,,,till oct 2010 when my doc and the pdoc changed it to img 3x da of klopin.....isnt this the same thing?...When was this known?,,,and why wouldnt my doc let me know before this....all my docs before would always be concerned about addiction....but i never took more than prescribed,,,,i read so much about benzos on the net and i dont know what to believe....i just read Klopin does the same thing....what does one do when you have had anxiety disorder since a child,,and my anxiety is worse since i cant work it off like i used to do when i didnt have injuries and cfs...,im now 63 and was diognosed with chronic fatigue in 2007.....my husband and i am very concerned,,,,is there a good p doc that has the correct answers,,,i have also been put on ssris in the past.and didnt have any luck....gained 50 lbs...not good for ab 5 foot 3  petite frame woman....was told it was for my chronic pain from an injury i had in 1994,,,,,,all i want is to know what i need to take to ease the anxiety and not have brain damage,,,,also am wondering about the pain meds ive been given...fentynal patch 50mg every 3 da and hydrocodone for breakthrough pain....i had a sleep study 2 yrs ago ..they said i dont get rem sleep....i so tired of being sick.....any good suggestions?



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  • pearl of Wisdom January 18, 2011
    pearl of Wisdom
    January 18, 2011

     All ssri 'si are a slow fuse LSD.


     That is why trying to withdraw induces dis-functionality. Read Tracy Ann Blake's book entitled:

    Prozac, Panacea or Pandora.

     May supply some answers.

    Pharmacology is a billion pound industry., whose only thought is profit.

    Withdraw very slowly.


     Essential oils are especially helpful  because  they are high in sesquiterones, which  cross the blood brain barrier and oxygenate the brain and clear out placques and toxins caused by these monster pills, which destroy countless  lives.


    Essential oils such as Frankinsence, Myrhh, Sandalwood. help to heal the brain from the stupification caused by these toxins. use a carrier oil, rub into back of neck and feet, no more than 50drops at any one time.


    Good Luck.


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