• Steve Steve
    January 11, 2012
    Numbness in big toes?
    Steve Steve
    January 11, 2012

    My big toes are numb to the point that my nails have fallen off with no pain at all. They are growing back, but they are still numb. Does anyone know what could be causing this?



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    January 16, 2012
    Health Guide
    January 16, 2012

    Numb toes can be caused by a variety of conditions including bunions, diabetes, back problems, foot disorders, fractured bone in your foot, a blood vessel condition called peripheral neuropathy and neuromas. Sometimes numb toes are simply caused by tight fitting shoes that cut off blood flows the big toes.

    Toenails falling off are often due to a fungal infection or an injury to the toe by kicking soccer balls or something else. Infected toenails usually cause quite a bit of pain and turn colors, however. 

     Since you're experiencing numbness in both toes it could be due to a systemic problem such as diabetes. It's best to see a doctor about this. 

    Here's some information on nerve pain you might find helpful:

    Nerve Pain at a Glance

    Neuralgia – An Overview

    What Can Be Done for Nerve Pain?



  • Mak Jaguar December 04, 2012
    Mak Jaguar
    December 04, 2012


    I have chronic back pain too with herniated disks and my nails, 4 nails, two from each side, the big toe nail and the nail next to it, are falling off without pain. Even though they are growing back this is scarry.

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