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Sunday, November 11, 2012 PRINCESSK, Community Member, asks

Q: MY shin area from knee down hurts to touch, feels like a bruise, is not muscular or bone, has been going on for a couple of months, I am a diabetic type II

I am 55 and do nails for a living,  I have been a diabetic for about 8 years.   my blood sugar levels fluctuate,  I have lost 61 pounds over the past one and a half years and graze all the time.  but there are days when I don't have time to eat but when I do finally eat I only eat a few bites then I am done.  I am on metformin, victoza, lyrica, pravastatin. 

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Cort, Health Guide
11/17/12 7:53pm

My understanding (I'm no expert) regarding diabetes is that it's important to eat regular meals :). Congratulations on the weight loss by the way.


When pain shows up in diabetes it often shows up in the feet and leg first. Often it starts as tingling sensations in the feet first but can also show up as cramps, numbness in the legs and other sensations. If you're diabetic and you're having foot or leg problems its probably a good idea to get them and your diabetic status checked out. 


HealthCentral has a diabetes section that might be able to help you as well. 


Any significant pain that goes on for several months should get checked out anyway. Good luck! 

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