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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Kitty Kat, Community Member, asks

Q: How does Roxicet compare to Hydrocodone?

My husband has been taking hydrocodone 7.5 for several months for degenerative back disease. Someone gave him a Roxicet 325mg when he ran out and before he takes it, we would like to know if it is comparable to the Hydrocodone he has been taking.

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Scooter, Community Member
6/ 9/09 11:00pm

Roxicet has oxycodone and acetaminophen in it. Hydrocodone is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminphen. Oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone. These two meds shouldn't be taken together because it would be too much acetaminophen.  Good luck.  Scooter

hurting36, Community Member
6/10/09 3:29pm

As long as hes not taking them at the same time, you said he ran out of his hydrocodone right? But the big question is why is he taking someone elses meds, none of my business, but if hes on pain management, or his Dr. gives him a pee test hes busted for taking something not prescribed to him. Then poop hits the fan and he may have a hard time finding another Dr. to prescribe narcotics, and if hes in pain, its better to wait until he can get his own.


Just trying to help, not preach, believe me, I know what it likes when youre hurting and you have nothing.  Good luck!

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