• Sabine Sabine
    April 26, 2012
    Medtronic Spinal Cord Stimulator implant weird side effects
    Sabine Sabine
    April 26, 2012

    I had my Medtronic Spine stimulator implanted on 4/3/12.  I would like to know if anyone is having weird symptoms.  I have double/blurred vision, memory loss, shortness of breath, light headed, hot flashes, I am unable to drive and unable to work on the computer for a longer period of time.
    Also, I am wondering if anyone that had a scs implaned is doing Yoga?  I was a 6 times a week yoggi prior to the surgery and they have told me that I can never do it again.  That even downward dog is to much.  I would love to hear from anyone.



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    April 27, 2012
    Health Guide
    April 27, 2012

    Those are unusual symptoms! Looking around the web I did come across one account of someone who suffered from migraines and blurred vision after the surgery. Be sure to make your doctor aware of these symptoms. The stimulator is not supposed to cause this type of symptom, that I'm aware of, but you might see if adjusting the setting helps. 


    You had major surgery as well and general anesthesia can have strange effects on some people. I know one person who had difficulty talking and thinking and was flat on her back for a month after surgery for bunions. 


  • lynda.erwin April 07, 2016
    April 07, 2016
    I had an older, I believe, 3 lead stimulator for many years with no complaints. In December of 2010 I joined a study and had a Metronic stimulator implanted. It was supposed to be at little or no cost. My first problem was a billing for around $30,000. No one would help me with this. The rep. from the surgeons office never followed through with it. The Metronic rep left and was promoted within the company. I can't tell you how many times I was reassured by the reps that it would be at no cost to me and at the final visit to the doctor for my trial, I had a friend with me to hear this. The rep who was in charge at the time, was not interested. I did have to pay the bill or go to collections via the hospital I got the bill from. When I told the doctor who put me in the study how much it cost me, he replied that I should be pleased because that was a very minimal cost for it. I had a stimulator that didn't seem to hold a charge and was overheating while charging. I was also getting these weird shocks where the stimulator is implanted. I was given a new battery charger. It still did not seem to hold the charge, which I reported to everyone involved. It was adjusted, etc. but unfortunately even the new battery would not charge and it went dead and would not communicate with the device. I had reported this to the Metronice rep but he was new and did not know what to do. He said that was not possible. In the mean time I was diagnosed with a rare skin syndrome and was told by a doctor who did skin studies on me, that I had silicon dioxide poisoning from my stimulator. Unfortunately, my pain management doctor who put me in the study, seemed angry with me for telling him. His attitude towards me changed totally and I ended up in tears after being grilled by every doctor in the office. They did not believe me. I am on my own after 32 yrs of marriage and cannot afford to have the device removed. There is much more to the story but I did not have this condition before the Metronic was implanted. My life has changed in such a negative way that I am sorry I ever agreed to participate in the study. To make a long story short, here I sit with something implanted that does not work. I will have the stimulator removed or replaced when I can come up with the money. The older stimulator I had was great and I had no problems with it other than It being cumbersome. It saddens me because without the device my sciatica and pain returned within the year. I also experienced blurred vision, muscle weakness and numbness in my leg and foot, among other symptoms and cannot say if these are related but they definitely are ironic. READ MORE
    • crazyboutgames2000
      October 23, 2016
      October 23, 2016
      I had my implant put in back in 2010. First it was a godsend. Now I am questioning so manybissues I have. I have a very NAD case of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I have extreme pain in my feet, and now I have what feels like pinching in the same spot as the battery and/or unit. It stops me dead in my tracks! If anyone has this type of problems please text me...904 624 5339. I have had testing on my legs and all they can come up with is there's no answer here's a pill. I also have severe sweating but believe its my sugar. One weird thing is Fatty Liver Desease. My stomach jumps and my liver is pertruding. You can feel it. I called it my foot. Again, any similarities PLEASE let me know. Why is this pinching feeling happening????? READ MORE
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  • dvaden1117 June 19, 2016
    June 19, 2016
    Yes went fro nausea to bad gas in esophagus with trouble breathing now. Doctor said not related? Was fine prior though? READ MORE
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  • jason March 21, 2014
    March 21, 2014

    I got blurred vision from the SCS trial.  I went from 20/30 to 20/70 vision.  It is also harder to concentrate and finish tasks after the trial.

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