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Sunday, November 13, 2011 Lilbrudder, Community Member, asks

Q: Trying to fill oxycodone prescription in Clearwater, FL.

My sister lives in the Clearwater, Florida area.  After getting her oxycodone prescription last month, she went to her usual pharmacy (Walgreen's) where she was paying ~160.00 for her prescription, she was told they no longer carry them.  After visiting several pharmacies in the area, the only place she could find to fill the prescription charged her over $800.00 (~4.50 a pill).  She is afflicted with some sort of degenerative disc disorder and has no insurance.  I have been helping her out with her medical expenses but at these prices, it's getting harder to help.  Does anybody have any suggestions on pharmacies that will fill the prescription and prices cheaper than what she is currently being charged?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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seeunt, Community Member
2/ 2/12 12:08am

They told you a lie. I had the same thing happen to me, i go to pain management and she gave me a paper stateing that if they say that to report them at once. I called wallgreens corprate office, who in turn called wallgreens in largo and the manager asked how many i got i said 180, he went over to the pharmacy and chewed them out, and made the pharmisist call me back and said there would be no problem and my perscription would be waiting on me. I am not shure if it was a new pharmisist or what but you need to report this to corprate and store manager. I have to take my oxycodone 30 mg as i have throat cancer. 1. If you cannot fill your pain medication prescriptions due to any of the following 1. The pharmacists stating they do not have the medication in stock. REPORT WITHOUT DELAY. 2.The pharmisists is questioning your need for pain medication. 3.The pharmacistsstates that corporate policy prevents themfrom filling your rx.3. The pharmacists insinuates that your doctor is not qualified to prescribe. 4. The pharmacists is stating they only fill for those with insurance 5. The pharmacist is stateing they will not fill because you crossed the immed county line to see your doctor, crossing one county line but not 2.  6. The pharmisacist states that they only fill for patients who see a board certified pain physician(31 of the 67 counties in florida do not have a boarded pain physician. 7. The pharmacist makes disparagis your physician. 8. The pharmacist demands to see your mri. 9. Any other demeaning or insulting comments to you. 9. The pharmacist refuses to fill without comment. It is important that you have the pharmacist name and pharmacy adress. YOU SHOULD IMEDIATLY CONTACT THE STATE OF FLORIDA SURGEON GENERAL; DR.H.FRANK FARMER. 850-245-4444 press 9 at 1st menu and 7 at 2nd menu. Another number to dial also THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE FLORIDA BOARD OF PHARMACY; Mark Whitten telephone number 850-245-4292. Make the call and call every time or it will get worse.Please be polite. The war on the 1%who are abusers and inapropriate prescribers is now awar on the legitimate patient and physician. It is time for the chronic pain patients to make their voices heard.  99% of pain patients in florida are legitimate patients! 99% of physiciants in florida are honest and prescribe appropiately.

copingwithpain, Community Member
3/12/12 10:44am

That is great that your pain management office gave you that paper and is trying to help you get your medication. I too have had problems filling my pain medications lately. What pain management office are you using?  I need to start going to one that will help advocate for me like yours!

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