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Thursday, November 13, 2008 beverly, Community Member, asks

Q: Does the weather change this time of year affect anyone else's fatigue?

I am used to the cold, damp weather affecting my pain and stiffness but this year I've noticed that the fatigue is much worse also. In addition to the pain which is very distinct to fibromyalgia (stiffness, muscle aches, joint pain, pain in neck and shoulders, headache) the fatigue is so severe that I can barely get out of bed. I'm going to bed as early as I can and I have to force myself to get out of bed in the morning. I can barely make it through work and only do so because I have no choice. The gray skies have moved in, the dark rolls in around 5:30pm, and I feel like I'm in hibernation mode. Just wondering if it has that affect on anyone else.

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Cort, Health Guide
11/13/08 11:21pm

Have you considered that you might have seasonal affective disorder? (It also goes by the name 'Seasonal Energy Syndrome' because fatigue is such a hallmark of the problem).  It appears to be fairly common in FM. There are various ways to attack it; melatonin may help some, light therapy (light box) helps some, 5-HTP helps others but there have been few studies. You can check out more on SAD at the link below.

Joni, Community Member
11/13/08 12:45pm

Most diffeniately!  Sun gives us natural Vitamin D which in turn gives energy & alertness.  The darker it gets the earlier I'm ready for bed.  Fatigue AND Pain is a double rammy since pain is also a contributor to 'tired feeling'.

Amy, Community Member
11/13/08 6:46pm

I've had the same experiences as you are having. Have you tried the new drug Lyrica? I was having the same difficulty with going to bed early, dragging myself out of bed, barely making it through the work day and then dragging myself home only to do it all over again the next day.  Last December my fibromyalgia doctor prescribed Lyrica and it's been a wonder-drug. It's got a few side affects, like weight gain- but anything that would take my flu-like symptoms away, cut down on the overall pain and fatigue I was feeling is worth the side affects to me.

hummingbird, Community Member
1/10/10 7:07pm

hello beverly, yes I feel like the weather does effect me as well the fatigue is so bad I get up in the morning with in one hour my head is noding as if I took a six or more sleeping pills. I also have digenerist disk diease throught out my spine from a injury

I have it so bad that when I flare up I caint move my neck my arms my jaw the DDD in my neck is realy bad  my spine is pushed towards my throt. the pain is so bad my blood prusher goes up to the point they say i could have a heart attac.  every thing you exsperince I do as well doctors are sending me tom a surgen jan 19 to see if something can be done. just hang in there and pray i'll pray for you .  



devilindisguys, Community Member
12/ 3/10 4:48pm

I understand.  I feel like an idiot...  I get embaressed.  I sleep for 8 hours and wake up so exhausted I can barely move.  I'm on the verge of tears.  My house suffers.  I have so many great plans each day I'm off and only the essentials happen.  Iwonder are there people who actually feel good each day???

Anne, Community Member
1/17/12 11:07pm

We're having heavy snow in Seattle, which is unusual for us, and I'm feeling a lot more tired than usual.

Cradlethebomb, Community Member
9/12/13 3:36pm
The weather effects me similarly. I can feel the storms a day or two away and my whole body locks up. Pain in all my joints as well as an intense vibration in what it seems to be every cell in my body. I can't sleep it hurts so bad and the fatigue is unbearable. Can't function at all. I'll also become easily irritated, noises are too much. I often have melt downs. The pain is always there but it's the worst when storms are near. Im 39 years old and this has been going on for 10 years now. Whatever this is, it's very real, and hard for people around u to understand. I recently became aware of all the symptoms of Lyme disease and I have 90% of them. Going to be tested soon. Western Blot Test. We'll see! Would love to know finally why I feel like hell all the time. Good Luck Beverly. -E Reply
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