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Monday, March 16, 2009 CJ, Community Member, asks

Q: I live in Largo Fl. 30 mg Oxycodone in stock at all.went from $210.00 to $630.00.what can I do?

Can I order Oxycodone 30 mg. online with a legal script? I don't get any help with buying my medications. I take more than 1. These Mom and Pop shops are price gouging big time. My friend took a script to CVS. It was written for 240, 15 mg Oxycodone and was charged $85.00. Another friend had the same exact amount and mg, went to a M and P pharmacy and was charged $360.00 !!! Can you believe the price difference. This is an outrage. By the way the M and P shop was "The RX shop" in Clearwater, fl. Something has got to be done for those who are in constant pain and are being taken advantage of like this. Any Congressmen reading this? Anyone know who we may write to about this?  HELP..CJ

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
3/18/09 3:52am

I'm sad to say yours isn't the first story like this I've heard.  I doubt that the large chain pharmacies would price gouge, but some of the smaller privately owned pharmacies certainly are. 


Because oxycodone is such a highly regulated drug, most reputable online pharmacies do not carry it.  Buying it from an online pharmacy that you don't know can be extremely dangerous.  Before considering buying any medications online, please read this first:  A Guide to Buying Prescription Drugs on the Internet


As an alternative to oxycodone tablets, see if your pharmacy carries liquid oxycodone since there isn't a shortage of that.  If so, ask your doctor if he will prescribe the liquid form until the shortage problem is over.  If that's not an option, see if he will prescribe another type of opioid medication to get you through this period. 


As for what you can do about the price gouging, you could certainly e-mail or call your Congressman's office and see if they have any suggestions.  To be honest, though, since oxycodone has such a reputation for abuse, I'm not sure Congress would be inclined to do anything about it.  You might try calling the St. Pete Times or one of the local TV stations.  Price gouging often makes a good story and maybe the pressure would encourage some of the offending pharmacies to lower their prices. 


Good luck.  I hope you're able to get your medication at a reasonable price or find an acceptable alternative.

Mike_Tampa, Community Member
11/25/09 8:11am

I use oxycodone 30 mg every 4 to 6 hrs because of pain associated with RA.  I normally pay 155 for 180 30 mg tablets at Walgreens.  Good luck.




Tampa, FL

Kelly, Community Member
4/21/10 4:01pm

I live around your area and I've been having back problems but I haven't bothered to go to a doctor because I don't have insurance and I'm not sure how I would get a prescription for oxycodone. I know that this county has been known for abusing the substance so I don't know if I'd have any difficulty having it prescribed to me. but I've tried more than one type of pill and this is the only one that works for me so I'm wondering how I'd be capable of getting a prescription?

McLeebers, Community Member
5/24/10 9:05pm

Ok first off I am a man that suffers from degenerative joint disease in both shoulders, herniated disc in c-spine, DJD in right hip and screwed up back. I get prescribed 240 30 mg oxycodone tablets every month. The place to go get treatment if opiate therapy is your last choice is an pain management doctor. Oxycodone is about the only drug prescribed at these places (besides your xanax, valium, soma etc.). First off you will need a MRI showing the problems you suffer from. If this is a newer problem and you haven't yet gotten an MRI these offices can still help you out but will make you get a MRI. The doctor I go to actually has an open MRI in the office for a very reasonable rate and payment plan ($320). I too do not have insurance and really doesn't matter in this case because 99% of pain management doc's do NOT accept insurance except for the MRI. You can email me at if you would like some advice on finding a GOOD doctor. As far as these prices everyone is talking about I am astonished at what people are paying.. it's ridiculous and ludicrous! I pay $.45 per pill at Publix with the discount drug card I have that everyone else can have at no cost. I live in Clearwater btw. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

beckster, Community Member
4/17/11 9:16am

what publix do u go to that has them in stock?

lovelyface, Community Member
5/28/11 1:26pm

what publix are u going to? may i ask?

kevo, Community Member
10/17/11 1:59pm

which publix






inigma, Community Member
8/19/12 2:25pm

I need some of those can u help me??

kelli, Community Member
4/ 3/12 11:25pm
I live in Brooklyn ny the best way is to go thru pain management process have a MRI that verifiable stating a situation good enough to get the 30s it tons that write I'm bk then you have the problem of finding a spot to fill it I keep plenty fell free to email me at and I will get more on depth my name is kelli Reply
sfenters, Community Member
6/ 3/10 3:48pm

Walgreens is the most expensive pharmacy to use. Go online and search for one of the many free prescription discount cards available. It will save you up to 50% of the cost of the medication. The web sites also have price comparision tools for most of the pharmacy chains. Good Luck!

Michael lovasco, Community Member
2/23/12 4:46pm

At least you can find them.I've been on the road in St.Pete,Clearwater,Largo,Tampa,for 4 days,stop at every store I see and can't find them.Sonny from St.Pete

Danielle, Community Member
4/12/12 5:13pm

Hi Im danielle and im moving to the fl area from NY and ive been on 200 oxycodone 30 mg for about 8 years. Im having trouble finding a doctor. could you refer me to anyone you go to or anything..please Smile 

Dean, Community Member
3/17/09 7:32pm

These pharmacies are taking advantage of those who don't have insurance. They are basically becoming drug dealers that operate inside a store instead of a dark corner somewhere. They see what kind of medication it is and know that you need it and if they think you may be abusing it they know you will pay whatever they tell you it costs.


Once again it is a case of people that abuse a drug that others need that mess things up all over the place.


CJ I am not talking about you. I am speaking in general.

XxXAngeleyezXxX, Community Member
6/12/12 12:41am

I live in Tucson, AZ. & I am on several pain medications due to a drunk driver hitting me in 98'. I am in a wheelchair & when the accident happened was on life support for several days (my Aorta was severed, so open heart surhery along with every bone broken in my body) needless to say, I am now uninsured & have very little income but b/c my husband is on disability, he makes $4 too much for ANY state help like Medicaid. All of my pain meds have doubled in this past year. I take Morphine (which is a bit cheaper & Oxycodone for instant pain which I can in NO way afford) I have (right now) mini-strokes b/c I cannot keep my pain level down so my blood pressure goes up. I feel as if these people are taking my life little by little, one I worked SO HARD to come back to from death! There is NO discount cards here that help with the cost. Ay least my doc tries to help by only asking to see me evert 4 months to keep my visits to see him, almost $100 a visit at a minimum. My email is if anyone has any suggestions that might help please let me know. I did not fight SO hard to survive only to be robbed & to suffer. I only want to enjoy as much of my life I have left as I can. For goodness sake, I can't even be around any family b/c we are all from ARK. but the weather is too wet, humid & cold in seasons. Due to that I had to move out here & I've yet to meet my grandson!

LickDaCat, Community Member
4/ 2/09 9:34am

I would try Kay pharmacy in Tampa.  They usually have lower prices than the chains.  Lately their price has gone up also but not like some I have heard about.  I just called CVS and 150 30mg are $197

Esteban, Community Member
7/27/10 8:55am

Rite Aid.... 150/30mg only 156$

inpain4life, Community Member
4/13/09 5:10pm

lickdakat which cvs in tampa did you call and what was the phone number?

ROCKET-G, Community Member
4/18/09 6:46am

I Here Ya CJ....Everywhere I looked today,30mg's were Out of Stock, and What I finally found were $3.95 a piece...I Feel Bad for Both of Us......And Ya, I have seen the websites you mention. Hey, if Legit prescription & insurance companies like Medco,Walgreens,etc. can Legally send them as mail-order, some of these others may be Good also....Just Check em' out Best you can...RocketG.

BoneTwo, Community Member
9/ 5/09 11:48am

 The cause of this problem is on the local news north of you on an almost hourly basis. Dope dealers making thousands of dollars profit from a single prescription.

 These meds sell for such high prices on the street in states farther north that people driving to Florida (The Pharmacy State) have raised the demand. Pharmacies can easily sell a 30mg pill for $3, $4 and more since dope dealers sell them for as much as $30 each plus drive, fly, run or swim hundred's of miles to acquire them.

 Elderly people with limited incomes have also been arrested in some rural areas supplementing their incomes by selling part or all of their prescriptions each month. It's a simple case of supply and demand. Sadly the demand is high for the wrong reasons.

Deej, Community Member
11/29/09 3:37pm

CJ- I get 180 of the Oxycodone 30 mg tabs for around $100 at Walgreens by using the PS Card. You can get it at  (the ps stands for prescription savings) and it made a HUGE difference in how much I pay. I get 3 different meds every month for $175 by using this free card. Go to the website. It is made for people like you and me that don't have insurance and are having to pay for all of our medications out of pocket. It doesn't cost a cent and you can print off a card and use it that day. Take a look then tell all of your friends to go there and use it too! BTW--- CVS is the most expensive pharmacy out of all of them or at least here in Orlando area. Check out the website because you can list all of the meds that you take and they will give you the list of the pharmacies with the best prices and they give you the actual price of the medications that the pharmacies charge. Just take a look & you'll see! Laughing  It put money money back in my wallet! Good luck, Deej

Bill Garrett, Community Member
1/10/11 7:58pm



In response to your advice on the free prescription drug cards, well they were taking them for awhile (walgreens,etc) but they stopped because the state was not paying the pharmacys the money, the mom & pop pharmacys do not take them at all, they never have. I get 300 30mg oxycodone pills a month and now starting Feb 3rd the state will not allow ANY doctor to write oxycodone in any strengh any more than 180 pills. The prescription drug card ( when they were taking it) I was able to get 100 30mg oxycodone pills for $60.00. Walgreens has already started not filling any oxycodone scripts over 180 pills. I was a boxer, motocross racer and have had several serious injurys that the 30mg oxycodone is the only thing that works, and as for the liquid oxyfast ( thats what they call it) they are saying it is for hospice paitents only because they are dying and cannot swallow pills, it is a shame that people that are in real pain are going to be freaking out next time they go to try to get the oxycodone refilled, this month I had my doctor break my script in half 150 each but they have already warned me that next month when I come in they will only be able to give me 180 pills. As for other pills that work methadone is cheap but it is harder to get off of than herion and it is truly the devil. IMy wife takes the oxycodone for break through pain and the 30mg morphone sulphate extended release for pain but it just does not seem to help her unless she sucks the coating off of the pilll and chews it up and then it only keeps her from getting sick, it does not help with the pain, or barely does anyway, i just moved from Pinellas 2 years ago to Hernando and i was going to a mom 7 pop and remember when the 30 mg oxycodone was 80 cents then went to $1.20 and then started going sky high. Thank god i have a great marketing comapnt but my wife and I are spending over $1,000 a month on doctors visits and pills. We met at a chyropractors office and had so much in common because of the things we were able or unable to do because of our condition and were attracted to one another also so we have been together 10 years now. As for the prescription cards CVS still takes them but they do not have the oxycodone, the next best option is the walgreens drug plan which is $35.00 per year for a family and $25.00 per year for one person.  We are in trouble guys and the govenor and the state attorny general that is behind this just has no clue, because the DEA cannot do its job people that have real injuries have to suffer.


Hit me up and I will share info to help the people that need it, i am not going to help junkies get pills when the people that need those pills are in a bad way.


Bill from  Spring Hill


Moderator's Note: For your security and privacy, please do not post personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

BadBackInBoca, Community Member
2/28/11 6:57pm

Bill from Spring Hill,


In South Fl, East Coast, our Walgreens haven't had Oxycodone in stock basically all year. Have yours?



xSK0RCHx, Community Member
11/15/11 7:23pm

I am a chronic pain patient in Hudson, FL. I have so many medical problems I won't list them. I used to race Motocross for 5 years, was a sponsored skateboarder for 6 years, was hit by a car when I was 7, have been in 5 motorcycle accidents & 3 car accidents. Yes, I know I am accident prone. I have broken many bones including T-11 completely crushed to a triangle shape. I have been trying to get my 30 mg Oxycodone prescription (only 90 pills) filled for 9 days. I have driven over 800 miles in total. I have been to at least 50 pharmacies. At least ten of those I have been to everyday except for the weekend. All have the same problem with back orders or just ran out & don't know when they will get more. I have insurance because I am disabled & can't afford to pay for the prescription. I need them because I am in constant pain & only the Oxycodone relieves the break through pain. I also take 30mg Morphine extended release which is what is keeping me from being bed ridden. They are getting filled for some people, you just have to be at the right place within any 2 hour period from when they receive them until they are gone. I have been told that the new laws require me to fill both of my pain meds at the same pharmacy so I can't even fill my Morphine prescription until I get the Oxycodone filled. I will be completely out within a couple of days. I am getting really worried as I already know how much pain & how sick I will be without them. I have been taking these meds since 1999. I am not an addict but I am certainly physically dependent upon them to get out of bed & to be able to sleep while I am in bed. Any help from any one that can tell me when & where they are available in the Tampa Bay Area would be greatly appreciated.


sheena24, Community Member
4/24/12 12:13am

hello everyone, my name is sheena! Atleast i dont feel alone with my situation. I have a whole bunch of things wrong with men and i live in rochester ny. Everyone out here is abusing pain pillby selling them and just trying to use them for other reasons. So when ever some one goes to the ER or the doc, it's like they dont want to help you. I have a bullet lodged in my leg and the pain it causes is unbareable. some times i cant even get out of bed because it hurt so bad, didnt have no insurance and owe the doctors so much money they dont even want to help me any more. I dont know what to do and i have no one to me.. I had so much dreams in my life and all because some one wanted to steal my car i got shot, i would have just gave him the car. it didnt have to happen this way. i dont now ho anyone can be so cruel. I have 2 children i need to mother and half the time i dont even wanna get out of bed but its hard because my babies need me. i need some type of help. If anyone out there can help me in any way with out ripping me. I just wanna be a normal mommy to my babies again. I mean im on disability at the age of 24, im trying to do college online because i hur so bad to even leave my house. i even feel like my im depressed. i know i shouldnt be telling the whole world this but i just cant tell anyone i know because im trying to be strong because im always being told ( u ight sheena, u tuff right) i wish i could go back home to my momms, i miss her, the love she gav me, the way she always could make me feel better. Now i feel a lone with two children and in serious pain all the time. i refuse to make my kids go with out just for me to get some pain meds. yeah it hurts but your children always come first and i just cant afford it. Sorry to dump this on everyone and i wish you all luck with all your problems,,,,thanks for reading if you did it means a lot. If you can help me in any way my email adress is, maybe some can just talk me through the psin of this horrible feeling in my leg. i pray to god every night, i go to church, i have excepted the lord into my heard. some please explain why god wont help me find some one, anyone to help me ;) i have faith though just give the good lord time and who knows i might receive a miracle and wake up one morning nwith nonnucrciationg pain. thats my 2cond dream but my first dream is that i wish them the best in life and i know they will allways be happy. If you read this, I REALLY APPRECIATE I JUST NEEDED SOME ONE TOTAL TO, THANKS SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!

Armywife, Community Member
6/ 5/12 6:04pm
I live in citrus county I have been driving around for 5 days trying to get these filled they are the 30mg oxycodone. No one has them at all. Alot are saying they haven't had them in weeks or months other are saying they are on back order. Next I'm going to try spring hill area any ideas where would be my best bet to try I have ins. Can someone Plz help me out here really dont have the gas money to keep traveling around towns on a hunt... I really hate that it has come to this every month I go threw the same thing but never this bad . All because of other people mistakes the ones that truly need it can't get it . Reply
tzone, Community Member
7/24/12 10:11pm

I live in spring hill and they are no where here either. I went wednesday last week and they had them then but i had a script for 15mg and those were out so i had it changed back to 30mg and havnt found them since yet. I just got the compounded capsule 30mg this month that work just the same for $5 each and i have ins. I had to go to Trinity to get em.

dimmensialove, Community Member
4/13/13 9:45pm

I am looking for a good pain management clinic. I am not a junkie. I am legitimately in serious pain. Can you please help me find a doctor ? Thanks TKiss

tables, Community Member
6/ 6/10 2:03pm

Well honestly if you take the scripts to Wal-Mart or Walgreens you will not pay near that amount for those-  especially Walmart stores-  but you have to call and be sure that they have the quantilty you need prio to taking the script there.  If you can afford to hold a few from prio scripts then take to one Wamat they can keep them for you in stock so that you will have them when you need them-  but you will have to gain their trust doing that so they are ware that you will defiantely will them there al of the time-  good luck !

Michelle, Community Member
7/29/10 12:59pm

Walgreens....If you join thier prescription plan ( Which is only $20.00 a year ) they are approx. $1.04 a pill...that is what I just paid yesterday, July 28 2010....BUT you have to drive around from store to store to see if they have them..I went to 5 locations before I found them...AND THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU OVER THE PHONE IF THHEY HAVE THEM IN STOCK OR IF ANOTHER WALGREENS HAS THEM IN STOCK,,,,Here is what happens...Each Pharmacy is allocated XXX amount of pills per month based on their client load..or expected client load...Perdue ( The Mfg of the medicattion) allocates only a certian amount each month, at the beginning of the month, to the if your Dr's appt is at the end of the month, your screwed...Because the Pharmacys increwase their price based on supply and demand... and at the end of tAustin12he month...more demand and less good luck,...The private pharmacies are a rip off...Walgreens is the best...they do not change their price .... and dont change their price if they are the a's or m's...Good Luck and I hope this helps...

jayeeyachts, Community Member
8/ 5/10 10:34pm

....You are so right and these pharmacists are telling us that there manufactor/co are going out of bussines because of the abuse and theses companies perhaps not following the rules!  I am shocked!  Al I can say is shop around, if you need the medication you are going to have to pay for there "crazziness"and i am ready to take this to the news!  THose that need it, need it.  Why do we have to pay the price for those who inject it cell it, abuse it and get docs to write them scripts and they just finished 8 hours on the beach surfing!  The pharamcies are scammers..  Trust me I have done homework!!  This has got to go public or nothing will be down for those of who with chronic pain.  There are alternatives but very few!

sunshine, Community Member
11/ 9/10 10:26pm

I have had similar problems and wish something could be done. I have insurance and have been told by some of the mom and pop pharmacies that since I have insurance they could not fill my script or since I'm a new customer they would not. I think they don't want to except patience with insurance because they can't charge as much and would have to sell for the right price. The insurance companies would know if they are price gouging. I also have been told that I have to have a non narcotic script to go along with the oxycodone script which my doctor says is illegal to require a doctor to perscribe something he might not really need to. These mom and pop pharmacy are doing so many things wrong from picking and choosing who's they will fill and not fill, price gouging, and requiring other scripts. They are taking advantage of those who have legal scripts to help them deal with the pain they suffer. I too wish something could be done and feel they should be reported.

Einstein, Community Member
12/23/10 2:59pm

I was paying $115 for 150 30mg oxycodone about 6 months ago.  Many pharmacies are out and those who have them are asking $3-4 each which would be up to $600 for a script that was $115 a few months ago.

The government has limited the number of pills each pharmacy can receive per month which has caused a false shortage created by government intrusion into the market.  Wal Mart still lists a price of $153 for 150 30 mg oxycodone but good luck finding them in stock anywhere.  So the wholesale prices have not increased, it is the pharmacies that are price gouging by taking advantage of the government intrusion.  Supply and demand is causing the prices to go up.  The street dealers have no problem paying the increased prices since they get so much for them.  It is the legitimate pain patients that are being priced out of getting the medicine they desperately need.

Anything the government sticks their nose into they create a disaster.

Pissed Off in Pain, Community Member
1/31/11 8:48am

The only way to change this is through your local government representative and petitions. We who are legitimate patients should not be forced to change our medication regime. The people who are being targeted (The drug dealers) are only being inconvienenced. They are not out of business. All this really seems to have done is forced people like me to do without my medication because I now can't afford to buy them. I am in pain again because I am very limited in what pain meds I can take due to liver and kidney complications. I do not accept this though. Not Keeping people in office who don't listen to our needs is the only rercourse we have. So if you have any kind of gumption make up the petition, take it to your doctors office and see how many people you can get ti sign it. This is a formula for successfully speaking to your congressman or senator.

InGODShands, Community Member
2/23/11 10:23pm

Does anyone know if this is REALLY true that the pharmacys get RE-STOCKED only once a mo. @ the beginning of the month?? I live in the Orlando/Daytona area & due to Morphine/Dilaudids ect... not easing my chronic pain the Dr recently switched me to the oxycodone 30mg. 180 pills.

I have been to at least a dozen places & they ALL say they're BACKORDERED if they get them in again at all?  I now wish I had stayed on the morphine/dilaudids as they did provide better relief than NADA!!!

I realize that this new DATA BASE thing Gov SNOTT is against is prob. a good idea for people such as myself who REALLY need the MEDS but I also am so worried about everyone knowing my PRIVATE BUSINESS!!  I grew up here in this state & I do NOT appreciate the PILL PUSHERS/ INDIAN/PAKISTANY/MONEY & HUNGRYs making it hard for people like us w/TERMINAL or CHRONIC issues to have to SUFFER!!

I can fill a script for XANAX which I absolutely do NOT NEED but can't fill the oxy bc of SUPPLY/DEMAND!!??   I remember the day when I was ONE OF THOSE who even w/documentation of CHRONIC ILLNESS/PAIN had to litterally send out loved ones TO THE PUSHERS (Old ladys as stated above inc.) and pay $10 just so I could STOP CRYING from the pain for 3-4 HOURS!!

IF I have to CAMP OUT @ my local pharmacy that filled the 1st perscription SO BE IT because no matter how bad my pain I totally REFUSE to help the PUSHERS/GAUGERS take advantage of my TERMINAL SITUATION ever again!!!    I saw down in S Fla (Broward) I believe the 1/2 dozen or so PROTESTORS trying to STOP THE PILL MILLS on the news Presidents Day.

What about US, the ones w/CHRONIC PAIN/TERMINAL ILLNESSES that can't seem to get our FAMILY Dr or even our SPECIALIST to write a script for OXYCODONE because they're AFRAID of a LAWSUIT or being MARKED as "PILL MILLS"???  WHERE do we go then??  The Gov. has made it to where we have no other choice but to go to a PAIN MGMT. CLINIC in order to get the MEDS we need to FUNCTION on a daily basis!!   I can't believe that my GI actually TOLD ME THAT!!  In order for me to get what I need to EASE MY SUFFERING I either had to BUY OFF THE STREET or go to a "PILL MILL"/ PAIN CLINIC!!!   SO NOW WHAT?  I pay the ASTRONOMICAL OFFICE VISIT (CASH ONLY) PRICE of $200 for WHAT???  For every pharmacy in town AND

as far as 50 miles away to tell me NO MEDS!!

I'm appalled at this MESSED UP SYSTEM & here I sit ALMOST ready to put my pistol to my head to EASE THE PAIN!!  Oh, they haven't taken my RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS/WEAPONS PERMIT away as of yet but you can bet that will be next on the Gov.s MESSED UP agenda!!

Also; does anyone know the difference between the MORPHINE & DILAUDID pills I was taking & the OXYCODONE?? I mean besides the mg. of course?? I was thinking that OXY was just a derivative (sp-sorry) just a FORM of MORPHINE so I'm curious as to why the Morphine didn't ease my pain as the Oxycodone does? Thanks to ANYONE in ADVANCE if you tell me for sure WHEN to PITCH MY TENT outside of my local WALGREENS where I got it filled last month? IF they get REPLENISHED at the beginning of the mo. you can bet I'll be there & oh yes; will prob. be NEWSWORTHY or then again;

the GOV. doesn't seem to care about those of us that can't MOVE in the mornings w/o STRONG PAIN MEDS :-(   Even though I REALLY needed a WHOLE pill I was breaking in HALF bc I felt that some pain is better than NO pain MEDS & GOD was I correct bc I still have a few from LAST MO.!!

SO SORRY TO VENT SO MUCH :-(   PAIN & the idiotic GOVERNMENT RULES will PISS U OFF if you let it!

dougfresh, Community Member
5/28/13 11:39pm

pleas,....i just read your whole story  I BEEN FUKIN BEGGIN IN NEW JERSEY FOR MORE THAN 4 OXY 30mg a day and i been gettin told to take morphone sulfate WELL I AINT TAKIN MORPHINE SULFATE OR OXYMORPHONE  so now they are feeding me some bullshit i know it  ,.... i swear its like oxy 30mg  but has a CIELING to it  i swear i think its suboxen  and this is from pharmacy and a pain doctor ,...but i think hes under investigation now  and all his patients got this raw deal  THIS IS BULLSHITT  i am acheing  this shit i can take 10 of these and NOTHING HAPPENS TO ME   NOTHING  and  believe me i AINT THAT TOLERANT  i mean i have a tolerance  but not THIS MUCH   anyway ,...  LISTEN  i am going to drag my ass out of this low life northern state  and i am going to come to florida  because i LOVE FLORIDA  i lived there in my 20,s  and i am comming HOME to the beutifull HOW YOU DOI'N  GOOD OL SOUTH, if anyone wants to help out a really good disabled ex MECHANIC  who can fix ANYTHING and weld ANYTHING  that is  when i HAVE MY MEDS  and not this shit i am gettin now , me out  i need a cheap place to stay and i will be in the car so fast you will not be able to blink an eye,...  i am disabled  i got 3 rods in my back  i got degen disk disease  i got FAILED BACK SURGERY  POST LAMINECTOMY  i GOT FILMS FROM 1998  till NOW  and CURRENT MRI's   and  these cock knockers here want you to live on 2  20mg oxycontin and a few 5's for breakthru HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA  i told her  why not gimme a friggin bologna sandwich WITH A BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT  ,.... incidentally the FEDS ARE UP HERE AND SHUTTING DOWN PAIN CLINICS  I HAVE SEEN THEM   AND THEY ARE SUCH FUCKIN WIERDOS  I SWEAR    FUCK THEM  THEY AINT MAKIN ME LIVE LIKE THIS  NO WAY NO HOW  I WILL DO WHATS NECESSARY TO GET OUT OF THIS STATE  AND  FIND PROPER PRSCRIBING  this new jersey underprescribing shit is no more for me    SO SOMEONE  PLEASE  HOOK UP WITH ME  I A A GOOD GUY WHO WILL HELP YOU ANY WAY I CAN   AND I DON:T JUST SAY THIS SHIT I LIVE IT  AND I AINT NO DRUG ADDICT  I AM HURTIN HERE BAD EVERY DAY  I DUNNO HOW I WILL GET MYSELF TO GET THE ENERGY TO GET UP AND GET OUT OF HERE BUT   I WILL DO IT IF SOMEONE HAS A ROOM FOR ME  I CAN SEND YOU PICKS  AND I AM VERY MUCH FOR REAL  I GET MY OWN PLACE AND I GET A CHECK FROM SSI SO I CAN PAY RENT   <>>> PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT  


name is doug        email

Pissed Off in Pain, Community Member
1/31/11 8:57am

Price gouging in Hollywood prevelant here also , Post Haste, Simfa Rose

Martinez3982, Community Member
2/23/11 4:01pm

I agree 100% someone needs to do something with this price gauging.  Moreover with your answer to online pharmacies.  I go my family doctor not a Pain Management Place.  This was good for a while, esp with Walmart Online Pharmacy.  They let me use multiple drug discount cards.  I was getting Oxycodone 30mg for less than 50 cents.  NOW THEY WILL NOT FILL ANY OXYCODONE that is issued from a Florida Doctor period due to the "epidemic" of everyone coming to Florida to get their fix. 


I've also used, but they are giving me problems now too even with my family doctor.  Most recently, they sent my prescription back and I'm waiting for the reason.  The first they gave me was that it was from a Pain Clinic, which it wasn't, but it also had other pharmacist's writing on it even though they did not fill it, so i think that may have played a part as well.  Who knows, but it is extremely mind-racking!


Another problem is that you can't find a normal pharmacy (like CVS, Walgreen's, etc) that will carry that prescription, rarely on occasion they will.  However only the mom and pops have them and a lot won't take new patients and they gouge the heck out of the price.  I've heard of them being as high as $6 a pill.  Add that with the office visits and sometimes i think it might just be easier to get them off the street.  It is terrible, how pharmacists look at a costumer who viable pain and they look at the costumer in a very condescending way.

jeepin', Community Member
4/14/11 2:03am

Not sure about ordering, and would be careful about where it comes from, another country ect...they dont always put what you ordered in the bottle.But search around, and ask your pharmacy if they will match another one if you can find it lower. I went to a mom and pop store till Walgreens bought them out and my oxycodone 30mg was 80 dollars  #120. Walgreens was 250! I went to another small pharmacy I used to use and sure enough they were 70. But I went to Homeland and they matched the priced to my old pharmacy when I brought in my reciept from them. I probably could have just had them write them out and give it to them that way. I only wanted to go to Homeland because it was about 25 miles closer to home. I dont have insurance so saving a buck is important to me.Your friend may have an insurance plan that paid better than yours ....dont know but call around ask for comparrison prices. Walgreens and all the big named places where just killing me. The Soma   #120 and Noco # 180, would have been over $300 together but Im getting them one for 29. and the other for 30

Best of luck to you!


James Sanford, Community Member
4/14/11 3:48pm

I have to drive from Nashville to Clarksville,Tn in Nashville the cheapeat price I could find for 120, 30mgs oxycodone is $152-$216. I have to drive 45mile to Clarksville, TN there the price for the same meds are $69.97 at andy's drugs and $78 @ St. B drugs,and @ town and country drugs $89. This is crazy how the price differs. Just shows how they can charge what wish to charge!

McLeebers, Community Member
4/27/11 11:54pm

OK. I am only going to make this brief but. The whole reason for the price gouging in FL is supply and demand. 65% or more of the opiate drugs made in america are sent to Florida. The abuse of narcotic pain releivers in this state is very sad and enabled by all the pill mills and doctors handing out the 30 mg roxis like they are candy. The amount of illegal drug dealing of this substance in this state is very high, thus the M and P shops know this. On the street the "blues" go for $10-$20 a pill and again the M and P drug stores feel they want in on the "game". I am in pain all the time with or without the meds I am prescribed. I find it certainly outrageous that because of illegal drug use/sales that I have to pay out the ying yang for my meds now. The small pharmacies claim oh the price went up for us so it goes up for our customers. Well that is a bunch of crap, not true what so ever. My advice to everyone is to fill at the chains like CVS or walgreens. Because so many people are getting prescribed these meds they are very hard to find in stock. I have found from experience that sometimes the walgreens likes to "profile" so to speak who they say they have these meds in stock for. Well thats all fine and good except I don't look like some drug pusher or druggie so I wonder why in the world I get turned down sometimes. Anyways. Win Dixie carries M's for around $1.05- Walgreens carries A's for $0.68 to $0.98 a piece (varies according to walgreens discount card or drug discount cards) I am not sure the price at CVS because they hate filling these meds for anyone as they are better then all of us who are in real pain. the medicine shoppe on east bay drive carries A's, always in stock for $2.50 and will go down with time if you stick with the pharmacy. My advice is to just stick with Walgreens, get a month after month record with them and they will start to always hvae your meds in stock. No more pharmacy hopping.. that gets old real quick. Thanks for listening.

FLpainadvocate, Community Member
12/19/11 10:31pm

Hi chronic pain.

I have answers for you.

please go to the, click on get involved. Then a drop list will appear, click on your leader, a map of the country will come up. Click on your state and you will see your leader. pick the Tampa/Lithia leader. Information will come up and contact that leader. We are very active on this matter and many more. send her a message. I do feel very sorry for all the pain patients in our state. We are working on this and we do believe in privacy but we need everyones support. Strength is numbers. See you there.

3thingsuneed, Community Member
12/28/11 2:51pm

As of Dec 2011..In Florida, Tampa Bay area.. A few Doctors are giving their patients a flyer that has all the information you need to complain about a Pharmacist and/or the approaite people in the Sate of Florida

email me at and I will send you a copy 


There is a list of 11 statements and phone numbers that are given if you cannot get your perscription filled.Ex. refuses to fill, demeaning comments, your Doctor is not qualifed the lists goes on 


what is reccommended you do "Immediately" is to contact

THE STATE OF FLORIDA SURGEON GENERAL.. Dr.H.Frank Farmer (850)-245-4444 (press 9 at 1st menu and 7 at 2nd menu)


Be Polite and Make the call every time or it will get worse.

99% of pain patients in Florida are legit, 99% of physicians in Florida are honest and prescribe appropriately.

The 1% War are the abusers and inappropriate prescribers..

trish, Community Member
4/11/12 3:08pm


pam mesadiei, Community Member
4/23/12 6:41pm

you can call 800-599-6070.. it is a program called perdue patient assistance program.. if you have no insurance they will pay for your insurance for free.any questions email me

sHARON, Community Member
6/17/12 5:35pm

My oxycodone is over $1000 for 180 30 mg oxy.  That was from St. Mary's on US 19 in Clearwater.  What can we do about this price gouging? I would call or write if I knew who to get in touch with. HELP!!!

vicb, Community Member
6/17/12 9:42pm


Have you tried


Welcome to PPARxFL, a Web site designed to help low-income, uninsured Florida residents get access to patient assistance programs where they may qualify for free, or nearly free, prescription medicines.

vicb, Community Member
6/17/12 9:49pm

I didn't get to finish my entire answer. Also, and this may have already been mentioned, your doctor can call the manufacturer, tell them you are uninsured and need assistance with your medication. I was on a program when I was on long term disability before I started receiving SS and I had no insurance. After your doctor contacts them, they send the necessary paperwork for you and the doctor to fill out then send it back to them. Once approved, you are shipped your prescription every 29 days overnight and you pay the $25 overnight shipping fee. Now, this has been 6 years ago so the shipping price may have done up; still, it's cheaper than paying for the prescription.

new2area, Community Member
6/19/12 11:42am

Good day,  I'm sorry I don't have an answer to the original question (2009) of this thread, but I see several stories here that may be able to help me out with a MAJOR problem I'm having.  I'm desperate hoping one of you may be able to help me find a physician in the St. Petersburg area to help me with pain management. I just moved to St. Pete Beach, FL about nine months ago and am trying to find a GOOD doctor who is not afraid to prescribe stronger pain meds for people who have legit medical problems.  I have results from 2 MRI's in the early 2000's showing that I have two herniated discs in my cervical spine.  My condition fortunately let up enough for me to stop taking opioids for a few years in the late 2000's, but I was still very physically dependent on them, so my physician prescribed suboxone in 2008.  Now my condition has been exacerbated in a MAJOR way while doing some physical work and I have been in unbelievable pain for several days now.  My new family physician in St. Pete Beach refuses to write prescriptions for opioids, period.   Thus, I'm wondering if any of you may know of a doctor in the region who is not afraid to prescribe strong pain medications for those of us with legit conditions (and does not demand injections/surgical interventions)??   I'm just taking a shot in the dark here that someone may be able to refer me to a local physician who truly advocates for pain sufferers.  I'm at if you know of anywhere I may be able to obtain help. 

new2area, Community Member
6/19/12 11:46am

Forgot to say thank you VERY much to anyone who may provide any help, referral to doc.  It's sincerely appreciated. 

dimmensialove, Community Member
4/13/13 9:43pm

Can someone please tell me where there is a good pain management clinic!!!! I have been dealing with being in a wheelchair and in serious pain. I am new to the area. If someone can give me a few namesw of some good pain manangement clinic I would be appreciated.Yell

Blubou, Community Member
5/22/13 3:25pm

I know of a couple, just google pain management and you will get a list of them.

Very easy.  If you need further help email me and I can help.

Jerry, Community Member
1/20/14 5:00pm

I live in Port Richey Florida I'm trying to fill my script of a hundred and twenty oxycodone 30 then having a hard time 

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