• Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    August 17, 2010
    Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    August 17, 2010

    People with low back pain should follow three rules for shoe wear:


    1) The shoe should be stable with good heel control. No flip-flops or sandals that have no heel strap or heel cup.

    2) The shoe should be flat. High-heeled shoes are very hard on the back (and rest of the body) because they alter the posture and alignment.

    3) The shoe should be well cushioned. Especially, on hard surfaces, the more cushioning the better for your back. Even, using some off the shelf insoles can be very helpful. Change those shoes and ensoles out every six months because the cushioning breaks down.


    A great resource for foot products is FootSmart. Never underestimate the power of good shoes.


    Dr. Christina Lasich, MD


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