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  • CJSwanson May 15, 2009
    May 15, 2009

    I receive these on a regular basis, they last approximately 4-6 weeks, in the C-spine.  after several other attempts to control the pain, this is the one that works.  Hope it does as well for you. 

    Connie  Cool

  • Yarnwench May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    It took 2 different times in S-3 (sacral) before they worked for me.  But now, I have no pain in my legs and I can't believe it.  To be pain free (in that area) will mean that I can walk again.  Next will be the t-3 and then cervical.  This is after 7 years of constant pain, I am so pleased that it is starting to work!

  • Bambi May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    My first injections were in me knee, (directly under my knee cap, ouch!). I hate to say that it certainly wasn't worth the pain of the injection! At first it might have helped spread out my pain med's schedule, but only faintly lasted about 4-5 days. The DR said my knee's were just too far gone for me to benefit from this. -(I had already had 10 surgeries, 8 on L-knee & 2 on R-knee) ~Although I do recommend steriod injections as a step that is worth a try before any invasive procedures!

    I wish anyone luck with the injection & I truly hope you recieve a better benefit than I did....just don't wait until it's too late to reap the benefits!

    Best of luck, with many pain-free days!

    Gentle hugs,


  • seat17b May 15, 2009
    May 15, 2009

    I never found much relief from steriod injections, but I am having my second radio-frequency ablation injection on May 19th to kill the nerve(s) causing my constant chronic pain from my lower back down into my right leg.  It has taken me over 2 years to get it approved, with a series of other injections in my back that didn't work more than 24 hours (at high cost to me since the insurance wouldn't cover these procedures either).  The first time I had this done (2005) it was like a miracle. Once the doctor burned the nerve causing the pain, it was like the light switch flipped off the pain instantaneously. (I had group insurance for the first procedure and now am now on Medicare having been approved for Sodial security Disability.)  Here's hoping this works again as well as it did the first time.

  • TPB1960 May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    I've had over a dozen in my SI Joint. About a 15% success rate. When they work it is a beautiful thing. When they don't it's life as I know it. I was worried about getting too many so I haven't had any in a couple of years.

  • heidelue May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    I had 5 in my neck they only worked for two week  for me but it is diffrent for everyone. Good luck

  • jeano41 May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    I have had the back injections about 10 different times....

    they did not help me...BUT everyone is different.

    Recently had my shoulder done, this works so well I can go a year to 2 years without needing another injection.

    It all depends on the person, where the shots are given, how severe the back injury, if surgeries were done prior  etc.....

    You will know if it worked or not...  just follow doctors advice and keep a positive attitude...good luckLaughing

  • Ænima May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    Some say that other than pain at the injection site, no side effects were experienced.


    But here are some of the side effects of this injection.


    As with all invasive medical procedures, there are potential risks associated with  steroid injections. In addition to temporary numbness of the bowels and bladder, the most common potential risks and complications include:

    • Infection. Severe infections are rare, occurring in 0.1% to 0.01% of injections.

    • In This Article:
    • Dural puncture ("wet tap"). A dural puncture occurs in 0.5% of injections. It may cause a post-dural puncture headache (also called a spinal headache) that usually improves within a few days. Although infrequent, a blood patch may be necessary to alleviate the headache. A blood patch is a simple, quick procedure that involves obtaining a small amount of blood from a patient from an arm vein and immediately injecting it into the epidural space to allow it to clot around the spinal sac and stop the leak.

    • Bleeding. Bleeding is a rare complication and is more common for patients with underlying bleeding disorders.

    • Nerve damage. While extremely rare, nerve damage can occur from direct trauma from the needle, or from infection or bleeding.


    In addition to risks from the injection, there are also potential side effects from the steroid medication itself. These tend to be rare and much less prevalent than the side effects from oral steroids. Nonetheless, reported side effects from steroid injections include:

    • Localized increase in pain

    • Non-positional headaches resolving within 24 hours

    • Facial flushing

    • Anxiety

    • Sleeplessness

    • Fever the night of injection

    • High blood sugar

    • A transient decrease in immunity because of the suppressive effect of the steroid

    • Stomach ulcers

    • Severe arthritis of the hips (avascular necrosis)

    • Cataracts

    Hope I helped!

  • scooter April 14, 2010
    April 14, 2010

    I have haad 3 friends who had multiple injections. Scar tissue?  Two told me that there was little pain relief other than the doctor telling them it was all in their head.  Spinal Headache?  I have had mylegram headache!!!

    I am scheduled for spinal injections.  Of course I want pain releif!  MD's I have found out that the school attended did not teach pain mgmt.  iN THE u.s. LESS THAN 3% TEACH PAIN MGMT.

    Web/Md said that 75 % of pain patients seen were n ot in chronic pain?  These stas were used instead of imperical evidence dor the other 25% of us who suffer pain day in and day out!  You wil become addicted with drugs.  Another Oxymoron statement.  Chronic pain patients do not become addicted!

    At age 72 I have about had the works thrown at me and have no intention of lving out my last 10 to 15 years in pain.

    What would happen to the medical community if Camcer was cured?  NO MONEY? NO DRUGS FROM pHARMACEUTICALS AND LESS INSURANCE FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES.  IT ALL COME DOWN TO THE GREEDY $$$$$  Europe has several cancer cures and two have already been approved?


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