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Tuesday, February 03, 2009 charles, Community Member, asks

Q: tethered cord operation

I am having surgery for tethered cord. Can anyone give info on the rehab time, or any other info. I am a 62 year old male

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
2/ 5/09 8:33am

The only information I could find regarding the procedures and recovery for tethered cord surgery is for children having the surgery.  I don't know whether the same applies to adults or not.  Here's a link to what I found:


Your surgeon should give you all the information you're asking about.  If he hasn't, don't hesitate to call his office and ask.  You have a right to have your question answered. 


Good luck to you!

Amanda, Community Member
2/ 4/09 4:30pm

I do not have any answers regarding the tethered cord.  However, I just went through spinal surgery where they implanted a neurostimulator into my spinal cord (actually 2 of them) 


I know that it was very scary and can sympatize with what you must be feeling.  I wish you the best.  For me, it was almost an immediate relief after surgery.  The implant was put in to help control pain. 


It was hard for me to walk before but that night walking was all I could do.  They put a large brace around my core body and was to be left there for the first week.  It hurt to sit or lay still (all I had done before)  The slow walking (shuffling) was the only relief besides medications. 


How did you find out you had a thetered cord? 





Texas REALTOR, Community Member
5/26/12 1:56am

Charles, I am just now seeing your post of Feb 3, 2009 and am wondering how you did following your surgery. Also, I am interested in how you learned of your tethered cord and if you also had tumors, what your symptoms were, and if you had obvious signs of tethered cord that were missed by doctors over the years.

I had the surgery at age 58, in October, 2010, within a few days of learning of the tethered cord and tumors on L3-4, following an MRI, after I fell several times for no obvious reason, with other symptoms, some new and some present my whole life.

Hope you have recovered and are doing well.

My first advice is to get to a major teaching hospital with a surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery. Do not go to a surburban hospital or doctor. This is rare and difficult surgery.

Second, line up home health and physical and occupational therapy to begin as soon as you arrive home. This is a tough surgery, with a painful recovery, so the help with rehabilitation is needed, even if your MD doesn't mention it, bring it up and get your surgeon to order the therapy.

Finally, have a good support system in place, because you cannot make this recovery without help.

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