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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 shamus, Community Member, asks

Q: pain doctors

i am new to the Phoenix area. WOuld like to know of any pain doctors who believe + prescribe narcotics to manage the pain?

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learnFMnow, Community Member
10/28/09 12:03pm

I cannot answer that in terms of Phoenix.  However, I will tell you that some family physicians are better at prescribing narcotics than pain management docs.  It just completely depends on the doctor and what he believes.  I don't like the mumbo jumbo of "you can get addicted.... I think you should try this Ultram instead.....I don't prescribe narcotics because they are dangerous".   Phoooeee on that.  I say if they are doctors and if you have exhausted all other means of pain control, then narcotics should be used.  I am a big advocate for narcotic pain relief for FM.


Debra R.N.

a.k.a. learnFMnow

pnutttt, Community Member
11/ 5/09 12:44pm

I am a 39 year old female responding to ur comment. Finally somebody that gets it! I have been to family doctor and pain mgmt. and both treated me like i was a junkie. It was insulting so i still remain in pain about 80% of my day. I just want some relief. The pain in itself causes anxiety but i keep getting passed around. Im convinced im just stuck with this pain.

starr, Community Member
11/12/09 12:44pm

i know that feeling. i have been in pain since 1996. i have had 2 neck surguries and one lumbar surgury. my back surgury failed and it is worse now than what it was. if i didnt need pain meds i surely wouldnt try to get them. but even when you tell the drs where your pain is and you describe it  to hem i huess if yo udont use the right words he look at you like your crazy. alll these drs do is look at you like well you can walk so you cant be in that much pain but its either laugh or cry. and god for bid dont go to teh er beccause they are of no help. then when you get a dr that want s to give you meds for pain it doesnt do anything especailly ultram, tramadol, toradol. that is like eating aspirin!!!! btu if yo umanage to find adr that they themselves have gone through what you are going throughhh they seem to be more understanding. also when they take your medical history and yo tell them what you are allergic to they end up giving you at least one of them. so the ydont even read your medical history. they wonder why people buy the stuff off the streeets , but if the drs would listen to there patients which 90% of them dont then there wouldnt be these kind of problems thats why people turn to acohol. to try to get rid of the pain. its not a sure fire fix but at least it gives a little relief for while.and the other thing these drs want to do is constantly give steroid shots. sometimes they work but what they dont tell you is if you get to many steroid shots it actually can cause you to become steroid induced type 2 diabetic. nut if you questio that , they will tell yo uyes it will elavat your sugar but it will coem back down. well that isnt always the case and trust me on that. because now i am diabetic fromthos shots. so i adimatlly dont get them no more. and honostley they never worked any how.. i hope this has been of soem help to you . god luck

Liz, Community Member
3/22/10 2:19pm

I understand how you feel. I'm to the point where I'm going to change doctors mainly because the nurse staff whispers around me. No I'm not paranoid. I'm in pain. They don't understand, if you give me the lowest dosage & I'm in the highest amount of pain, I'm going to take what I need to get rid of the pain. It's not a game, it's my life. How do they know my body? If I wait until the "prescribed 6-8 hr period" & the pain comes in 2 hrs, it gets worse & then it's truly a fight to get it under control. Just don't Keep fighting & when they make you feel like a junkie, make them look like idiots! Sad day when doctors are afraid to treat patients because the gov. is looking over their shoulders. If they are good doctors, they will work with you.

lisa c., Community Member
11/ 2/09 4:51pm

look in directory for pain mgt.drs. or your pcp can find one for u also bring all records  x rays mris ct scans and whatever

MiseryLovesCompany, Community Member
5/14/10 12:29am

When I had to find a new physcian for fibro pain, cfs, back pain, severe TMJ and migraines, all which are documented in  my disability

papers, copy of charted meds , reason for needing them and husband.

Had no problems getting what I needed, in fact he aske if I wanted to

stay on the same regime of change to something else.

Currently on 80 mgs oxycodone 2 x's day and ty#4 x's 4 per day for break through pain. Along with alpraz and diaz.

After a time span of one month I'm finally able to function as long as

no flare ups come along.

Something my dr can't understand is why the oxycodone doesn't work

as well without the codiene in the ty 4. I'm not sure myself, but if I take

only the oxycodone, it's just not as effective for me. I really need and would

like to ask for 6 ty per day and will do so at my next appt.

Any suggs as to how I go about asking so my pain control will almost make it to morning??

Thanks for your help,


Mark Gee., Community Member
3/ 1/11 6:53pm

I, like you, have serious pain issues but can't find a Dr. to understand my needs for pain relief. I even tried methadone as a pain management device. It was to extreme on my body, so I'd much rather stick with an opiate strong enough to actually make my day more productive and liveable. Currently I see a pain management Dr. and undertake daily phys.therapy, with very minor relief, if any. I am given a 15mg./4 daily dose of oxycodone and 10 mg./3 daily flexeril. I do have MRI, CT Scan, X-rays, and a past low back surgery, and they all verify a painful life. I just can't seem to find the right Dr. or prescriber of opiates willing to really make the difference I need so badly. If you have any suggestions on where to point me I will for always be grateful. Thanks for your considerations, M.G. 

badpree, Community Member
11/20/09 3:56pm

I'm not in Phoenix area but I can tell you this...YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Tell your Doctor what you want right off the bat. If he or she gives you any grief, tell them that you know your body and that narcotic pain medicine is the only thing to help you. Bring your films, tests, etc. to back up your claim. Be persistent!! Don't allow them (the drs.) to paint you in the "he or she is a junkie and needs a fix" arena. Stand up for right to be treated with dignity.

John, Community Member
3/11/10 11:02pm

That is hitting the nail right on the head. I used to be afraid to "push" in my pain management.You do have to be your own "best advocate". It`s like the old saying,if you don`t stand up for your self, no one will. Great answer!!!!!

badpree, Community Member
3/17/10 1:08pm

Thanks John! We have to stick together on these issues and let doctors know that they are NOT going to take away the only help we (me especially) from pain; narcotic pain medicine.

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