April 24, 2012
    Tingling, numbness, and pain in forearms and hands--treatment?
    April 24, 2012

    Three years ago I injured both of my hands which caused pain and swelling for a short time, roughly 3-4 days. Over the years, tingling and numbness has slowly increased until one day after several vibrating impacts to both of my hands, I experiences numbness, swelling, and needle-like sharp pains from my fingers to my forearms, front and back. I have a very weak grip strength now and it seems like everything I do with my hands hurts my hands and wrists. I hear and feel something popping inside both of my wrists and it feels like my hands become hot with a sharp pinching feeling in my wrists under my thumbs and pinky finger. It has been 5 months of little to no sleep and pain every time I open my hands. The Docs say they don't know what's going on when all tests have a negative result (x-ray and blood only). I finally got a consult with a hand surgeon and he just gave me a cortisone shot in one wrist, forget the other. It reminded me of the military, "Here's some motrin, now suck it up and drive on." What could the docs be missing or avoiding? Any suggestions that could help?



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    I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain.  An x-ray may not show the type of damage that you may have incurred. I wouldn't give up on the hand specialist yet; they typically start out with the least invasive, least expensive treatments that might work and then work their way up for there. If inflammation is causing the problem, then steroid inections at the site of inflammation very well could help. If something else is going on they might not.


    If he/she doesn't offer more treatments then I would move on until you find someone who can treat this effectively.  Let me know if you find a good treatment plan. Good luck! 

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