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Q: crushing flexeril

my friend has chronic shoulder pain and taked flexeril, is it addicting and can it be crushed? he said when its crushed his tongue gets numb.

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Cort, Health Guide
2/16/09 8:01pm

Flexeril can be addicting if abused and it's abused by taking too much of it at once - which is what your friend is doing by crushing it and taking it. When its treated this way it can result in kind of mellow pleasurable feelings - nothing like the 'highs' produced by some drugs - but still with the potential for abuse. A street drug called 'mellow yellow' is essentially flexeril (cyclobenzaprine).


Besides the problem of getting 'addicted' to the pleasurable feelings produced by taking too much Flexeril the drug has the added problem of being a central nervous system depressant. This means that taking too much of it can make you drowsy, depress your heart and breathing rate, etc. - sometimes with alarming consequences. This is why it should only be taken in the dose given and never combined with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol.


Crushing drugs really is a no no. They should be taken in the dose and the means prescribed.


 Flexeril is usually taken only for brief periods. Hopefully your friends shoulder pain will  improve and his mode of taking Flexeril will no longer be a problem. Good luck

Dean, Community Member
2/15/09 11:19am

I have had multiple shoulder surgeries and have never been prescibed Flexeril for any of my shoulder problems. Flexeril is a muscle relaxer. It should not be crushed. YOU SHOULD NOT CRUSH ANY PILLS! As far as it being addicting, I would say almost anything could be addictive for some people. You can get addicted to nasal spray.


Your friend should seek some help as his behavior is that of someone that abuses prescription drugs.


How old is your friend if you don't mind me asking?

yoyoyo, Community Member
10/23/09 10:15pm

im sure flexeril is addicting but i just snorted it and mixed some xanex into it too. it works alright. i have bad pains throughout my body and it is not working at all for me so if people want to abuse drugs. why not? let them? their only harming themselves.why dont you all go cry about itCry

Dr. Phil, Community Member
12/12/09 5:13pm

addiction is like screwing a grizzly bear, at some point you find out that you don't get to stop when you want to.  ps:  the grizzly bear doesn't care how much you cry either.

dirkadirka4624, Community Member
5/ 4/10 4:40pm

well mr. dr. phill,

i think what you just said was very cute:) and im giong to use it! lol

Michael, Community Member
9/20/11 3:31pm

Until taxpayers have to pay for your medical expenses from your abuse of drugs..  When you abuse drugs and buy them illegally it affects society and not just you.  I was a heroin addict for many years, addiction is not some joke.

hudsonGee, Community Member
12/ 9/12 5:56pm

so would snorting it give you any kind of pleasure like oxy or dilodid?


wsandoval, Community Member
5/28/13 8:48pm

wow. no, they're NOT just hurting themselves, they're hurting everyone around them that has to put up with their messed=up moods, behaviors, etc. Then when you go and kill yourself by overdosing, the people you "love" will hurt forever over from losing you.  you sound like a very selfish person, only considering how something affects you, and to hell with everyone else.  think about that kind of attitude, please 

exPILLpopper, Community Member
6/18/14 6:25pm

Addiction does, in fact, effect everyone around them, but saying society suffers because we end up paying for their medical problems is a bit of a stretch. Yes, some of them we end up having to pay but not all. That's like suggesting all drug addicts are scum bags and low lifes. Whatever and whoever it effects, the addict needs to choose to quit. Nagging him/her will only make it worse, so either way people should keep their snide remarks to themselves.

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