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Sunday, November 08, 2009 devinsmommmy, Community Member, asks

Q: will fentanyl show up as an opiod on a urine test? Isnt it the same thing as opium?

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MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
11/ 8/09 2:52pm

Yes it will.... Fentanyl is an opioid. If the urine test is for work, as long as you have a script for the medication with your name on it, you should have no problems with your employer.

Rolls, Community Member
1/ 8/10 4:00am


In order to show a presence of Fentanyl in your urine, your doctor would need to specifically request a "Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry" test. Unless your doctor specifies the above, (GC/MS) the testing lab will only do a "Immunoassay" urine drug test, (UDT). That's because the GC/MC test cost a lot more money.


The problem with the standard Immunoassay UDT is that Fentanyl is synthetic, (containing no Opium) so a test for opium based drugs will not show a positive for Fentanyl since there is no opiates in it. Unfortunately, many insurance companies don't choose the correct test and then if a patient has a UDR that comes up negative for Opiates, they beleive the patient is not taking the Fentanyl.


The reason that I know this is because it happened to me. I use a high level of Actiq, (Fentanyl Lozenges) as well as Fentanyl patches. My work comp carrier asked for a UDR which showed up negative for opiates. So they denied me all of my meds immediately after. And I had to pay for it all myself until I could get the results from a GC/MC UDR.


So be careful of which test is being performed.






Sterling, Community Member
1/18/10 10:23pm

Just curious and very interested in your answer. I am being forced into a back to work program 8 weeks long from a Federal Work Comp adjuster as he was angry due to the cost. So I was take off Actiq which I had taken for 10 years and Fentanyl patch. I was put on Suboxone for 4 days then down to regular Vicodin 5/500  1 every 4 hours. It is torture and will get kicked out of the program and loose my work comp pay. I have my family MD who will write the script for actiq but 800mcg box of 30 is over $900. So I am curious that if I do occasionally use an actiq if it will show up on the urine drug test? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



starzzz1982, Community Member
1/ 3/11 12:11pm

ok so is that answer the same as when i go to my doctor he gives me a urine drugs test. sometimes he sends it to a lab and sometimes he has a quick on there that has the readings on the actual container i pee in. i am taking 10mg norco but when i ran out i used a 100 mg fentanyl patch and made it last for 4 days til i could go to the doctor and get my norcos. the things is if i have anythign in my system other than norco he won't give me my refill. i'm scared this patch is going to show up in my system and he's not going to give me my norco which i've been taking for 2 1/2 yrs and i will go into severe w/draw. can u give me any advice/knowledge on this??? plz & thank u :)

brenda, Community Member
11/25/11 7:47pm

I have been on fentanyl patches for 8 years. I took them off for two days and then I went to my dr. office and he did a drug test on me that only picks up fewntanyl. i am on 175myc grams. If it comes back negitive I could loose my medication. How long does the fentanyl stay in your body

raindog, Community Member
3/ 7/14 3:15am

So I am on presription Fentanyl 75mgg and Oxycodon 10 mg 5 times a day for break through pain.  My pain doctor gave my a Urine Toxicology (UTS) test and it shows Negative for "opiate screen, urine phencyclidine screen. My doctor told me that one of the reasons he was testing me was to make sure that I was taking my meds.  I think that I was told a lie as to why he gave me a test.

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