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Monday, October 19, 2009 Margie Grand, Community Member, asks

Q: stretches to stop pain in left hip from pinch nerve

I have pain in my left hip and down my leg. I did have a herniated disc in the lower part of my back, but I think in has gone back in. I still have the hip pinched-nerve feeling though. I stretch by arching by back and it helps. I stand against the wall and stretch with arms above head and on my toes. That helps, but once I sit and try to get up, I get the hip pinched-nerve pain again. What else can I do to maybe stop the pain or put the disc back in place?

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Amy Tudor, Editor
7/30/14 4:49pm

Hi there, Margie -


I know this is an older question, but I saw this and wondered if you'd come up with any new exercises or methods for easing this pain? I know many people try yoga or chiropractics who have the symptoms you're describing, since often keeping the muscles from seizing and moving the spine in a way that takes pressure off the disc will help that hip pain. If you did find a treatment, perhaps you could share it here? It might be helpful for someone else in our community who is having the same issue.


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