• Judy Judy
    November 07, 2009
    Cause of pain in the top of the leg?
    Judy Judy
    November 07, 2009

    What can cause shooting pain from top of leg that causes me to limp?



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    November 07, 2009
    Health Guide
    November 07, 2009

    Alot of front thigh pain comes from muscle and tendon strains of the quadriceps or other muscles. Did you do any exercise or other physical activities preceding the pain. The remedy for muscle pulls is generally rest, ice and using anti-inflammatories. You could also have a groin strain (abductor muscles) or it could even signal a hernia but hernia pain is usually confined to the groin area. 

     Whatever the case if it persists you'll have to see a doctor to determine what's going on. Good luck! 

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