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Thursday, December 24, 2009 Ladybey, Community Member, asks

Q: Spinal Cord Stimulator results


 I am scheduled to have the SCS placed into my back on Monday. I had the trial which relieved alot of the burning and tingling sensation going down my leg by approximately 60%, but it didn't do anything to help my chronic back pain.

My question is to anyone who has had the SCS procedure is what were you able to do activity wise after everything healed. I used to run alot and my Pain & Spine Dr. told me that I should be able to get back to running after everything heals up. I was wondering if anyone who has had this procedure could let me know if you were able to get back to your physcial activites that you did prior to getting the SCS?

I am really hoping that I can get back to running even if it is only on the treadmill.

Thanks so much for your help.

Happy Holidays.


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MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
12/30/09 12:19am

I had my SCS installed in June of 08, and like you the SCS takes care of my nerve pain, but not my mechanical pain. I still take pain medications for my mechanical pain daily. As far as running with the SCS, this is a question for your Doc or the company representative... after the leads are anchored, I truly do not see a reason why you couldn't run or jog, but then again, that is up to your Doc. Good luck with you device!

Ladybey, Community Member
1/ 1/10 8:14am

Thank you :)

I wish you a Happy New Year and a year with less pain.

showe, Community Member
12/24/09 10:53pm

Hello: I have had two SCS  with both of them the technicians from the simulators

maker have been able to set with two or three levels of stimulation. I have my stinulator set with two setting one for feet and the other setting for lower back. My new one is

rechargeable so battery life is expected to last 9 yrs. The new ones have alot of different

settings, alarmsto turn them on and off they have like 8 nodules which gives them a

lot of flexability. To the question of how much activity one can perform, I've heard of people pulling there lead loose, they coil a enough for flexing. My pyhiscal condition

does not allow me to run, walking any distance at all. So I have little advice to you

about that at all.

Ladybey, Community Member
12/25/09 2:10pm

Thank you very much for your information, as well as taking the time to write back to me.

Best wishes to you.

LaughSing, Community Member
12/31/09 4:48am

I've had my stimulator in for about a year and a half now.  I only have back pain, no leg pain, and it helps quite a bit for about 20 minutes. 


If your doctor says you can run with it, you should have no problems.  I haven't gone back to martial arts classes, because I'm terrified of getting kicked in the spot where the "brain" sits.


Best of luck with it!

Ladybey, Community Member
1/ 1/10 8:15am

Thank you for sharing your information with me.

I appreciate it greatly.

Kathyrmd, Community Member
12/31/09 11:27am

Your best resouce is the contact for the company who makes the SCS.  When I had mine inserted in 2003 - my doctor said I couldn't work the rodeo anymore (I never have but he actually had a patiest who refused it when he found he couldn't particapate any more).  He also advised against anything that might directly pull the wires loose such as over stretching or playing any sport where i might be hit in the back.  Since I'm a walker & hiker it had no impact on my activities except good.

Dr.J, Community Member
12/31/09 9:28pm

Ladybey,Who makes the SCS you are going to have implanted? I have had an ANS stimulator implanted since Feb. 2007(almost 3 years) and have had no problems with the wires. After a while scar tissue will fill in over and around the wires and they will be secure. I have heard of them breaking but have never had that happen. Remember you can also get an infection,especially with a foreign body being implanted but I am sure your surgeon while give you antibiotics IV pre-op. and possibly post-op. I was told that after all was healed that I had no activity restrictions except those that I placed on myself due to my back pain. The SCS never helped my back pain(technically it is not for back pain and if it does help it is a bonus). It may help my lower extremity just a little but everyone is different. Mine is a tough case and I also have a Medtronic intrathecal pump implanted since 2003 and have had just about everything tried for my back,some treatments which were very radical and most doctors would not try some of these things. Sorry, enough about me. The only other thing that I want to tell you is find out the location where they are going to implant the generator/battery pack. It is usually placed in the tissue at the top and side of the buttock(by the hip). For me when I sat my belt used to dig into the device & cause pain and I had to eventually have it moved up into my lower back on the same side. I don't believe this is a frequent happening. Another thing to think about ,if you have a choice ,is what side you want the generator/battery pack implanted? If you tend to sleep more on one side than the other or have a dominate side talk to your doc about putting it on the opposite side if possible.I believe that a huge part of the success of the wires and other implants is the technique of the surgeon. What type of specialist is doing the surgery? What part of the country do you live? Sorry for being so long winded but in addition to having many procedures done I am also a foot and ankle surgeon(I should say was because my pain caused me to have to retire over 8 years ago). Happy New Year and GOOD LUCK.       DR.J.

Ladybey, Community Member
1/ 1/10 8:25am

Hi Dr. J,

My SCS is made by St. Judes.

I had it put in on Monday, and have the program set on five different settings, the worst thing that I think I am experiencing is I have pain under my ribs and at times it is a bit harder to breathe. I am 5'3ish and now weigh 108, so I am wondering if this may be because of my anatanomy. I will call the Dr. on Monday should this continue. I still have a lot of swelling in my back, so maybe this is playing a factor as well.

Everything that you mentioned in your e mail on how the procedure would go was so accurate. I ended up having my SCS placed on the right side of my butt. I was told being right handed that it would be easier for me to charge my battery with it being placed there.

I live in CT, and I had a neurosurgeon place the scs in my back. He is known for doing this procedure, and came highly recommended from Dr's.

I am sorry to hear what you have been through and how you had to give up your practice.

I truly thank you for your time to write back to me. You know your information very well :)

I hope that 2010 will be a better year for you and a year with less pain.

Again, thank you!!!

Dr.J, Community Member
1/ 1/10 5:07pm

Hello, Glad that you responded to my post and that you are progressing. Your pain is most likely because you just had surgery and your body is trying to adapt to the implant of a foreign body. The response by the body is internal inflammation and swelling both of which contributes to the cause of pain. Just take your post-op. meds and stay ahead of the pain until things improve. You said if it continues you will contact your surgeon and that is a great idea. Many people just wait and see.  Whenever I had a question I always wanted to hear my Drs. opinion. Just make sure that you take your temperature and don't have any signs of infection. Don't be scared by my infection comment, it is just something to always be aware of. By the way, St. Judes somehow acquired ANS. In the weeks and months to come please let me know how you are progressing. I am from Ohio,gotta go watch Ohio State in the Rose Bowl! DR.J.

Dr.J, Community Member
12/31/09 9:55pm

Ladybey,I just read your post today and that is why I answered.I thought your surgery was to be Mon. 1/4/2010. I guess it was 12/28/09.Maybe my answer will help for the future!Hope all went well and you are home resting comfortably. DR.J

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