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Q: Can I Get Disability For Having Severe Osteoporosis


I have recently been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis (-4.8 T score). I am a man, (nearly 49 years old). I have most recently broke a bone in my back, (I have a interval compression fracture in a midthoracic vertebrae, due to my severe Osteoporosis). This creates constant pain now in the area of the fracture. I guess this could be considered "chronic pain" now that I have had this fracture for at least 6 months (gets worse, not better).

I have already had chronic pain for the past 7 years anyway. I have Chostocondritis of the chest walls and sternum, bursitis of the knees, Osteoarthritis of the lower back with a curvature of the spine with bone spurs, and Osteoarthritis of the wrists and hands too. My left arm, wrist, and hand has endured 6 broken bones over the years, and I have broken at least 3 ribs over the years, and now my broken back.

I feel my condition/disease now (severe Osteoporosis of my spine [-4.8 T score]and regular Osteoporosis of the hips -2.8 T score) is my worst! Like they state,"I could break a bone just from sneezing, or coughing to hard".

The pain clinic I go to will not give me any kind of narcotic for pain. They say it is addicting, and not good for "chronic pain" (I disagree), but they do have me on Tramadol/Ultram, Tizanadine [muscle relaxer], 800 mg ibuprofen, and extra strength Tylenol. None of these help that much with the (acute) pain I get often. Always hard to get any good sleep.

Anyway....Is it possible to get a favorable decision for Social Security Disability? Can I receive Disability benefits from this disease/condition?


Thank you


Robin Palmer

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lynn26, Community Member
2/20/11 7:58am

If the disease is disabling then yes i get DLA low rate, just applied for rate to be looked at as my condition has worsened and the high rate mobility. With osteo due to increased risk of fracturing a bone you should be able to get the middle rate care plus high rate mobility.Send for a pack and fill it in a good web site to go for concerning issues and help for getting dla and mobility is :- benifits and work. This is a subscription site and worth every penny.

rp6978, Community Member
2/20/11 12:02pm

Hi thank you so much for your concern and info. Could you please tell me what DLA is, or stands for? Also you seem to have left out the address/link/web site, for me to go to for (concerning issues and help)

lynn26, Community Member
2/20/11 1:33pm


DLA is disability living allowance for help with care needs.

The link to the info page is :-


You sign up and pay a small fee for 1 year. The info tells you how to fill in your forms and what you could be entitled to.



rp6978, Community Member
2/20/11 2:41pm

Thank you very much

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