• Cort
    Health Guide
    February 15, 2010
    Health Guide
    February 15, 2010

    If you look around the internet you can see that you are not alone; while most people do not experience negative symptoms after the first hour or so following a colonoscopy a number of people have experienced back pain for some days afterward. You should certainly inform your doctor about this to be sure that it's not a significant complication. Good luck with your healing. 

    • Donna(San Antonio)
      July 23, 2012
      Donna(San Antonio)
      July 23, 2012

      I started having some back pain 3 to 4 wks ago after my colonoscopy. It has continued to get bad and to a point I have missed alot of work in the past 2 wks.

      I did go to the Dr's but he didn't even look at my back.  I got a prescription(muscle relaxant) which I stopped taken because of side effects and then he called in another presc.Anti-Inflammatory which I have been taken.  Not sure when that is suppose to work???  Now I am on anti-inflammatory but in the bathroom all the time. I have used heat/ice pretty much consistently.  Still I am in severe pain, upper left side of back. Dr. is seeing me Monday morning and hope to resolve this sooner than later. 


      I have four sisters that have all had colonoscopies.  I found out today from one that she had severe back pain for several weeks after her colonoscopy. None of her test showed anything.


      My sister that brought me for my colonoscopy also remembered that when I came back in the room after my left hand/arm were in a very bad position and she moved it back to the right position it should of been.  Wonder if this caused my problem and pain I am going through.  It is far from fun and missing work could cost me my job.  On top of medical bills I cannot afford.

      My sister also commented on the way they took me in quickly and back out from the procedure and out the door to go home. She said she stayed alot longer after, was offered drinks and food.  That didn't happen here !   

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