• tbird56 tbird56
    June 02, 2010
    Chronic Belching/Chronic lower back pain on right side
    tbird56 tbird56
    June 02, 2010

    It started in March, a horible cramping in my lower right back that began to radiate over to my side. I went to the ER and they saw nothing but a ruptured cyst(They only did an ultra sound of my front) Now I have this horrible pain again,like a deep ache and burning feeling, but it hasn't radiated down like it did last time, and is there all the time, not on and off. It hurts to sit down or stand up for too long and ive started to get heart burn under my ribs. Feeling swamped all the time now, I practically collapsed trying to get up from a nap earlier. The most humilating part is I've been having the worst, i mean homer-simpson style belches, all the time. I mean i could breaking some kind of record here. Now they've started to kinda sting my throat and get my nauseated all the time.

     A doctor friend of our suggested it might be celiacs disease (My brother has crohns if that helps) And I have noticed, since i'm a strict vegetarian and eat alot of grain, that it is worse after I eat. I'm only 19 years old, and have always been a healthy eater, so the doctor said he doubted it could be gaulstones.  I just wish I could get some sort of idea of what I should be asking about. I've tried your standard Advil, Tyenol, and even a muscle relaxer one doctor prescribed, but nothing seems to help. I'm really starting to get a bit worried. Any Ideas? 



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  • slxtr23 November 02, 2015
    November 02, 2015
    Id have your gall bladder looked. Those are classic signs. A gall bladder can also burst. Mine was just about to burst. Went to ER had all the classic signs told I had the flu. Unfortunately my brother inlaw past and was miserable for his wake and funeral since my sister was beyond a mess which was expected. 2 weeks later saw my primary doc. He said it was my gall bladder and go straight to the hospital. Had to have emergency surgery since it had started to rupture and putting toxins in my body. An emergency c-section was much easier than going through this. Lol READ MORE
  • wen2525 August 11, 2013
    August 11, 2013

    tbird56~I'm curious if you found out any more helpful information regarding your condition. My situation: In 2007, I contracted Lyme Disease, took doxy antibiotics, and tried to heal at the same time a host of stressful situations arose (house fire, etc.). Within 2 months of finishing the antibiotics, I noticed a slew of symptoms - including chronic pain in lower right back and sometimes left, tingling in extremities, constant fatigue & brain fog, digestive problems, muscle aches, and esp. the opera-like belching assocaited with the aches. Heightened after eating. I used to be a vegeterian for 20+years at the time and so had eaten lots of grain, wheat, etc. For the next 5 years, I struggled while eliminating glutens and eventually ALL grains (including rice). We determined I likely had high bacterial overgrowth possibly in the small intestine. Once I eliminated grains to stop feeding the bacteria, added high-quality meat to build back immunity, and included more raw juicing and foods, my symptoms improved dramatically for a year. However, most of them recently returned. Let me know what you've discovered.

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