Pain Management

The practice of pain management allows you to minimize the effects that chronic pain has on your life.  Learn how treating both the symptoms of your chronic pain as well as the underlying condition makes up an effective pain management strategy. 

Managing Your Pain

  • Cymbalta
    Drug Information
    Information, dosage, side effects and images of the medications prescribed for chronic pain conditions.
  • Medication Tablets
    Opioids: Addiction vs. Dependence
    Learn the difference between addiction and dependence as it relates to the use of opioids in treating chronic pain.
  • Chronic Pain Treatment
    There are many kinds of treatment for chronic pain. Our guide will give you an idea of the treatment options for each condition.
  • Stethoscope
    Working with Doctors
    Taking charge of your healthcare begins with forming an active partnership with your doctor.  Make the most of this important relationship.
  • Water Exerecise
    Coping with Pain
    Managing your chronic pain doesn't just mean receiving treatment and taking medication--it's means paying attention to your mental well being.
  • Web resources
    Web Resources
    Get the latest news and in-depth information, find support, make friends and maybe have laugh or two by visiting these sites.

Managing a Disability

  • Your Employment Rights Under the ADA
    Learn about the details of the Americans with Disabilities Act and how this law may help protect you from discrimination. 
  • Fibromyalgia Disability
    Read on to find personal stories about living with a disability, how and when to file for disability, and much more.

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Pain Management