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  • Treatment Agreements: What You Need to Know Before Signing
    Read on to find out about the importance of carefully reading a treatment agreement before signing it.
  • Working with Doctors
    The right doctor is essential to good Migraine care. In our Working with Doctors section, you'll find our directory of patient recommended specialists, as well as other resources designed to help you form an active, effective partnership with your doctor.

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  • Doctor's Contracts
    I call on any patient denied medical treatment because they would not sign a forced placed contract created by their Doctor...
  • How to Survive and be Happy with multiple Medical Problems
    I wanted to try and see if other people have the same problems that I do and if so what has worked for them.  I am very concervative with my meds and I do have a narcotic contract with my pain mang doctor.

Managing Your Pain Meds

Chronic Pain Management

Take a look at this video on several innovative techniques being used to deliver pain killing power to patients desperate for relief.