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Thursday, April 21, 2011 Mcaspar, Community Member, asks

Q: Is There A Flu Virus Going Around?

I have been sick - this has been the 5th week. It started with bronchitis on March 21 with terrible night sweats and bone aches and weakness. I felt i was getting past it and then it came back stonger in the 3rd, 4th and 5th week with the main issue being headache bodyaches pretty bad and continued night sweats. The bronchitis is gone and i went to my doctor and had tons of blood work taken and he say it is a virus because of my white blood cell count being low. I am just curious since this has been going on this long does anyone else had this or similar virus
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mtsky, Community Member
5/11/11 9:39am


I too have been sick for almost 2 months.  It started with a pain under my ribcage and thru to my back.  I thought it was my gall-bladder and after many tests found out my gall-bladder was not emptying correctly, and so I had it taken out.  The pain did not go away.  I was still weak, night sweats, chills, etc.  That was almost 3 weeks ago.  Since I have talked to workmates/neighbors that have the same symptoms.  All my blood tests come back fine.  The Dr.'s have yet to find anything.

I am hoping and keeping in touch with the others with the same symptoms and am hoping they find something out.  Hope you get feeling better, keep posting it you find anything out.  I will too.   Thanks!

JustAsk, Community Member
4/24/13 9:59am
Yes, I live around the LA area. It started with soar throat no sniffles but the second day the cold came down and now I have no voice. Weird cold :-/ I'll keep posting see how mines will last since it just started in on my 3rd day since I cought it at the mall. I know I got it there bacause it was the only place I was in the weekend and I have no kids at home, but since that day at the mall I've had that bad soar throat for a whole day then the next day the cold came down. I'll keep you posted it! It may be the same viriuse? Reply
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