• zztop210 zztop210
    May 06, 2011
    Home remedies for chest congestion in babies
    zztop210 zztop210
    May 06, 2011

    My niece is 2 1/2 weeks old and has chest congestion and is very stuffy. She has gone to a doctor, who prescribed her saline drops that don't seem to work. I am looking for herbal remedies or anything that will help.  Thanks!



  • Amy Tudor
    August 09, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    August 09, 2014

    Hi there, ZZTop210 -


    I know this is a really old question, but I did want someone from our staff to answer you!  I talked to some parents and checked some sources online, and here are some suggestions of things that might work should the situation arise again:


    - Vick's Vaporub and steam from the shower

    - gently tapping the baby's back to loosen congestion

    - keeping the baby well hydrated, since this will thin the mucus that's causing the congestion

    - raising the head of the baby's crib with books to allow mucus to drain from the head more easily.


    Here are some links on colds that might also be helpful to you.  Again, my apologies for the late response.  Be well!


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