• steven1234 April 15, 2009
    April 15, 2009

    yea me too, i have the same exact thing but i cant find any solutions anywhere

  • picklesrcute April 23, 2009
    April 23, 2009

    Me too!!  what the heck!  It just wont let go!  It started with 2 days of sore throat, coughing for almost 3 weeks, NO sore throat, no stuffy nose, just this hacking cough, I cough so hard at night that I gag---especially at night.  And it is getting embarrassing during the day--it isnt constant but it is heavy, every few minutes--who wants to be around that? 

      now, just the last the last 2 days I've gotten nauseated off and on -even vomited once.  but between very short bouts of nausea (5-10) min.  I'm completely fine and can eat again. I mean, I'm completely fine an hour later--and Im NOT pregnant.  I don't have medical coverage, but with the way it sounds, even the doctors dont know what this is.  If anyone finds out--let us know!!



    Here's what I want to know--how can a doctor NOT know what this is--I mean get some labs done, right?

    If they would quit just arbitrarily writing scrips.  I mean, have they even done a gram stain on sputum or anything???--or maybe its not bacteria at all and it is a virus- in which case I guess I'll just take vitamins and wait for my immune response to kick in.


    Oh, man, this stinks  :(



  • Monica October 10, 2010
    October 10, 2010

    I have had a severe cough for over a week now and nothing I try works.  I went to the doctor who gave me a cough syrup with codine.  I'm supposed to take it 4xday.  I have a four year old and can't!  I wake up at night coughing.  Haven't had a good night's sleep since this started.  Neither has mu husband! My son was sick the previous week and is just fine now.  He had an ear infection which was treated with antibiotics. I am coughing so much and so hard that I can't control my bladder.  I have to wear a pad to make sure that I don't pee myself! I've vomited twice in the last week.  The headache that comes because of the coughing is so brutal, my eyes tear and I can't see straight.


    I have tried Nyquil, Cough strips, Cough drops, The meds from my doctor, A dextromethorphan spray and cough drops (these seem to give some relief but I'm having to take way over the recommended dosage).


    I'm going to try to see my doctor again for a follow up.  I really need some relief and so does my family!

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