COPD Exercise: Exercise to Breathe Better and Easier

COPD Exercises can help you avoid or relieve shortness of breathe, better control your breathing and live more comfortably. Learn techniques that can help you breathe better.

Your Best COPD Exercise

Cardiovascular COPD Exercise

old couple walking for fitness, cardivascular exercise, COPD exercise
The key is to find a cardiovascular activity you enjoy! Start with walking. Taking nice slow walks for about a half hour at a time is something that you can and should do every day -- or more!
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COPD Exercise: Breathe Deep

Breathe Easier with Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathe Better with Emphysema
Doing diaphragmatic breathing correctly means breathing from deep in your lungs, not just huffing and puffing at the tops of your lungs. Gain control of your breathing.
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: COPD Exercises for a Better Life

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a program of exercise and education for people with COPD. Gain strength, stamina, flexibility, and learn about your lungs and how to stay healthy possible.
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COPD Exercise: Pucker Up!

Pursed Lip Breathing For Easier Breathing

woman breathing through pursed lips
Pursed Lip Breathing involves breathing in through the nose and exhaling with the lips pursed as if you were going to whistle. The action helps hold the airways open. Here's just how to do it:
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