Nicotine Substitutes: To Use or Not to Use?

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  • When I quit smoking, I preferred to do it without depending on another source of nicotine. I knew that I might have withdrawal symptoms, but that I had the willpower to make it. It seems to me that using nicotine to quit a nicotine habit is like planning the murder of a hit man. You want someone dead, but the only one who can do it is the one you want dead.

    Some people use food as a calmer/downer when they quit smoking. That’s fine if you’re a super model, but if I tried that I would look like a contestant for The Biggest Loser in less than two weeks. Anyone with a weight problem like I have should just realize that when they quit smoking they had better find something other than carrot sticks as a substitute.  Those sticks turn into French fries and those apples become Crispy Creams before you can say, “Do you have that in a size 24?”

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    I find that wine works well. Wine, writing and watering…the three “W’s.” You might be a little tipsy, but the storytelling is more fun, the plants are healthy and you can throw away the cats’ dust masks. Maybe you don’t need to throw the masks away - I kept Buddy’s because he has worse fish breath than a Greek chef.

    You could use mints, I guess.  That would solve the bad breath problem but you would always smell like the paper Christmas tree hanging from the Waco-to-Del Rio trucker’s rear view mirror. Same thing if you choose chewing tobacco, Tootsie Rolls, or working with leather.

    You could choose exercise to take the place of that regular cigarette.  You might look kind of weird lifting your ten-pound weights outside your work building next to the tall ashtray filled with sand. People might stare, but you wouldn’t be out of breath.  You could hide behind the water cooler and do deep knee bends every hour on the hour.  You know, that’s a good idea. Not only would your thighs be gorgeous, but you would also know who is the one that always spills the water on the floor and never cleans it up. There is power in knowing that. You could blackmail that person some day.

    Maybe you could sing a song every time you think about having a cigarette.  That’s a cool idea and you can use it.  I would sing songs from Broadway musicals…especially West Side Story.  But that’s me.  You could sing Michael Jackson songs or even Elvis ones.  Actually, I like Amy Winehouse and Meatloaf but I don’t think the grocery store manager would appreciate me breaking out into "Like a Bat Out of Hell" in the English muffins section on Isle 5. I’m liable to do something like that. I break out into song at the drop of a hat and I know all the words to "The Alamo."

    Anyway, my advice is to look at quitting smoking as a wonderful thing you are going to do for yourself.  You can look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and know that you are going to breathe easier, smell nicer, and never have to buy another cinnamon breath spray. 

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Published On: July 28, 2008