Adam's Story: Adam Frey - 1, Cancer - 0

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  • Hello Everyone,


    Last Tuesday night I got my test results back for my blood work relating to my tumor.  It came back undetectable. Today it was checked twice and came back undetectable again and .00000000002 detectable, in non-scientific notation.  My oncologist even conceded that the cancer is dead.  I just started my last round of chemo, which lasts three weeks, including every day this week. 


    Although it is dead, I do face the coinflip possibility of having a surgery that includes an eight inch incision right down my abdomen.  I guess cancer lost, but may leave its marks on me forever.  At least it lost. 

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    I sure do hope that I do not have to have the surgery, and I will know in five weeks.  I am glad that this is my last forty hours week of chemo.  I was in there for over eight hours today, and these needles are really wearing my veins out.  I left mine in tonight for tomorrow and it aches the whole time.  I guess it is better than blowing veins during the end of the week, but I can't wait for it to be ten hours from now when they take this stupid thing out of my arm. 


    I am going to cut it short this week due to the needle in my forearm, which makes it painful and annoying to type. In doing so, I will skip the eloquacy and get directly to the point.


    Nothing hurts more than failing to reach your goal at times, but the good feels better than the bad tenfold when you reach it. I am so glad you all have followed my story and I hope you keep following it throughout the coming months. I am proud to say I did survive cancer, and reached my goal. I just hope and wish you the best of luck in reaching yours.


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Published On: June 10, 2008