Adam's Story: Chemo's LAST Fight

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    To start, I have been a bit under the weather and very tired for the last week.  It was like as soon as the chemo ended, every side-effect came at me in full.


    The last day was just completely annoying. I was so excited to get out, but it was a bear to get my needle in...again, and after it was finally in, it was in the crook of my elbow, which was annoyingly painful for the entire ordeal. To make matters worse, my surrogate brother (long story) came down that weekend. The weekend really drained me. I normally sleep well over half of the day now and try to cram every bit of life into the rest of it. Kris (my brother) is the complete opposite, sleeping very little. We went out Friday night, got up early and played 18 holes of golf at  8AM, went out Saturday night, and on Sunday went to the mall at 9 AM. All in all, I only got maybe twelve hours of sleep the whole weekend, instead of my normal sleep schedule of approximately 25-30 hours a weekend. 

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    My bloodwork came back just miserably. I guess it was so bad that they were debating on whether or not to even treat me. In the end the doctor decided to move forward because it was my last treatment and because my conditioning and general shape was so good. So, in the end I got my chemo, got my award and plaque for being done, and said goodbye to a phase in my life in which I hope to never return.


    By that afternoon, I was very sick. So sick that I almost ended in the ER, did not go out on a big planned "end-of-chemo" celebration, and slept non-stop for the next few days. Now, the worst part of sleeping for extended periods of time is falling behind when you wake up. I had so much stuff to catch up onm which has lasted through the weekend up until now. 


    Well, at least the four month session is completely over. Next Tuesday I go through tests to see if I need the ever-dreaded surgery, or if I can go about my life as normal and return to just being me. They said it is a gradual process to recover from all of the chemo and the side-effects, but "soon" couldn't be soon enough for me. 


    Until next week, keep up the fight and I bid you well.


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Published On: July 01, 2008