Adam's Story: Cancer Judgement Day

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    Tuesday is a very big day for me. Actually, about six hours from now is a very big day for me.  I have to go in for another CT scan, bloodwork, and see exactly what is going on.
    I am very anxious on all accounts. I hate getting the IVs put in, and my veins are just starting to look kind of normal again, yet it is always a dice roll to see if the stupid needle goes in. Even more important, though, is my tumor marker. If it is still undetectable or low, then the cancer is dead. If not, then it may be back on the chemo or surgery.

    This is where the CT scan comes in. They want to see if it spread, which is highly unlikely, and if my tumors shrunk and left scarring behind. It is predicted the one in my lung and liver both were decimated. The large one that took up camp between my kidneys is another story. I know it shrunk, basically because my waist has gotten like three pants sizes smaller, but we do not know if it is completely gone. There could be a leftover group of scarring cells called taritoma that may need to be removed.

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    I really do not want to go through the process of removing them; it is an eight inch laceration through my stomach and brings very painful and annoying side effects that may last my entire life. Hopefully the results are good enough that they do not have to do that. Personally, I would really mind having to sit around for another six months with this whole cancer bit. I am ready to get back to my life.


    Last, we get to see how my blood is doing. I do feel more energetic, so thats a good sign and I have not gotten sick, which is another good sign. In fact, I was wrestling today, took a knee to the head, and did not bruise or die or have anything else bad happen, so that is really good news that everything is thickening up and returning to normal. 


    In fact, a lot is returning to "normal". I have some fuzz of hair coming back in about three colors, my energy is good, and my mood has leveled to a point where I do not go into rages all of the time or get irritated easily. I am not sleeping nearly as much as I was, and although a lot, it has decreased from sixteen hours a day to about twelve. Hopefully I can get it back to the normal 8-10 hours I used to get a night and have more of the day to spend doing things. I mean, I love to sleep, but I really would not mind getting out and doing more things. 


    I am starting to be more active, though. For instance, this Saturday I actually went out to a water park, which was taboo because of the exposure to the sun and other side effects during chemo, but after five hours of being in the sun I felt fine. I guess my body is slowly rebuilding. I really just hope those tumors aren't rebuilding as well. 


    Anyways, I better get some rest, or try to get some rest...I'm just very nervous, anxious, and of course a little scared about tomorrow. 


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Published On: July 08, 2008