Adam's Story: The Cancer is Back

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  • Hi everyone,


    Sorry I have not written sooner to give any update on the situation. I went in for my two week check-up, and everything became very complicated from there. In fact, I really have no idea what's going on.  I will try to give you all a recap of the last two weeks which have been very busy for me. 


    My cancer came back. It's back and it's leading to a ton of different things. My oncologist originally came into the meeting and gave me a 10-25% chance of living. He also said a clinical trial in NYC would give me around a 50% chance...if I could happen to get into the program. 

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    If you want to talk about a change of everything, hearing that turned my world upside down - again. There I was, ready to complete what I thought was a formality with a final CT scan and ready to get my life back to where it was when I was told - again - that I have cancer. Not only do I have it, but this time it's a chemo resistant form that there is little chance of stopping. For the first time in my life, I was given a timeline, a "maybe" on survival, and a sense that this may be it for me.


    A few days after the big news, I was off to Sloan-Kettering for more tests and the chance that I may be there, in a bubble, for arguably the rest of my life. The next few days were just a blur. The options were pretty grim.  It became, as I was told, either go through hell, or go through more hell and hope that I make it. 


    I went off to New York, and in a best of a worst-case scenarios got accepted into the #1 cancer institute for my type of cancer.  As I sat there with my mother and a family friend, I could not help but shake as my new oncologist went through the whole thing.  My diagnosis from the start got worse and worse. 


    My type of cancer, as I found out, was from defective sperm cells that started in my right testicle and moved upwards to between my kidneys, my lung, and then my liver.  He said that from the start I had a 30% chance of living. He said that my cancer started as a chemo resistant form and that it was so advanced that it actually went from being placenta tissue (like the formation of a baby), to bone and muscle tissue, hair, bone, and other strange things.  My strain is accountable for only 20 of 1.2 million cases of cancer in the USA. 


    Well, after a long talk, I eeked out a percentage of my survival and it came out to be more like 70%.  I go in for more tests in the coming week and will have more detail about everything that happened.  It is pretty confusing and very hazy even still.



    Adam Frey



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Published On: July 28, 2008