Adam's Story: Surgery, Recovery, and More Waiting

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  • I apologize for being sort of in and out with these posts lately, but I've been dealing with a wave of hecticness.  Since the last post, about two weeks ago, I had another appointment, surgery to remove my cancerous right testicle, and have spent the week slowly recovering. 



    The theory is that if they take out the isolated spot of cancer in my testicle, that I  would be able to avoid having chemotherapy. This particular chemotherapy is four times stronger and an inpatient procedure.  It also is a clinical study and has more lasting effects, such as hearing and hair loss, damage to the immune and nervous systems, sterility, and basically five months of being completely miserable in a hospital. Theoretically, if the surgery does not work, something might get "broken" and I might spew a full dictionary of vulgarity.  I will not lie about that. 

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    Anyway, Thursday, August 1st, I met my surgeon who assured me that my procedure would be a positive step. I toured the city and was in high spirits when my oncologist presented the truth that the odds were not in my favor. Honestly, I felt that "you-have-to-be-kidding-me" feeling that has become so common to me recently. 



    There was no way I wanted to go through another surgery (three total) that essentially could be pointless. Surgery was scheduled for Monday, August 4. So there I was, going home Friday to spend a weekend with friends before venturing out into surgery-land. 


    The surgery went OK and I was greeted by two dear friends and my family in the recovery room. I was able to walk out the same day, but not without quite a bit of pain. I spent the next few days doped up on pain killers. The procedure included an incision just under my beltline, removing my entire right testicle.


    On a brighter note, on Wednesday I had an interview with a radio show and another one on Friday. I have even more planned for the future. 



    I liked being on-air for sure, but it was difficult to articulate on the fly and be quick in responding while on so many painkillers. I am sure that anyone who has had major surgery can attest that those things mess with your ability to think clearly.  I've also realized this with a few of my blog posts on my own website. 


    I spent a lot of time recovering and doing what I could and I'm finally starting to feel much better, albeit a little sore. I can't train for four weeks, and the boredom is storing up inside me like kinetic energy waiting to be released.  At the same time, I can feel myself losing whatever edge I thought I had. 


    Tomorrow, which is Wednesday, I leave to go back to NYC to get more tests. I will find out what the dissection of my testicle showed and get the all important blood count numbers which will decide whether I will need chemo. After those tests, I have a big fundraiser for cancer aid if you will be in Somerset, NJ.  It is displayed on my website under "Events."  The event is on Saturday, August 16th. 


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    The nerve-wracking and seemingly endless waiting game continues slowly and annoyingly.  I've never been a patient person, and this is just eating me alive not knowing what is going to happen. Chemo the first time was bad enough, and the second time is supposed to be four times seems almost like a modified version of hell.


    Until next time, stay strong and tough.


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Published On: August 13, 2008