Wegmans Supermarket Chain Puts Health Before Revenue

Anne Mitchell Health Guide
  • Wegmans Food Markets Inc., an East coast regional supermarket chain, has decided to stop selling cigarettes. This is a significant step for any store to take, much less a chain with 71 locations. The owners have decided that the enormous revenue gained from cigarette sales is not as important as public health. You can read the entire story at

    Capitalists who put the greater good first are rare but the phenomenon seems to be catching on. Restaurants and bars that elected to go smoke-free before it was the law demonstrated that protecting their employees and other patrons from second-hand smoke was more important than the revenue they might lose by making this change. This sends a very positive message to both workers and the public regarding concern about the health risks of smoking.
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    Smokers who have been thinking of quitting will have their decision reinforced by these kinds of changes. It is an exciting time for our children as well -- when they see how marginalized smoking has become in our society, the allure to try cigarettes will be reduced. Wegmans is demonstrating real leadership in a new trend toward more socially-conscious commerce. Perhaps the entertainment industry will take notice next.
Published On: January 08, 2008