Creating a Smoke-free Vision for Yourself

Anne Mitchell Health Guide
  • If you have tried to quit time and time again without any lasting success, you may have begun to feel that this whole business of quitting is rather futile. Riding the fence can be exhausting, jumping back and forth, unsure of which side you want to stay on. This ambivalence is quite common among smokers.


    When you say to yourself “I want to quit smoking” or “I know I should quit,” and yet you 
continue to smoke, think about which part of you wants to quit and which part of you is not yet ready. Let’s call the part of you that wants to quit your “higher self.” And the part of you that wants to continue its self-destructive, addictive behavior we’ll call your “ego.”

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    Your higher self intuitively knows what is good for you. You were born with the capacity to tap into this self-wisdom. That little voice that keeps telling you to quit smoking is coming from this center of self-knowledge and self-interest. When you are in harmony with the needs of your higher self, you are filled with peace and serenity.


    Deciding to quit is an act of surrender. You are surrendering to the demands of your higher self. Your higher self has never stopped wishing goodness and health for you. It has been patiently waiting for the rest of you to want that too.


    You become what you listen to and what you think about. When your internal self-talk is filled with positive messages of desires for health and well-being, you become that. It enters your sub-conscious. The more you think it, the more it becomes you.


    Your ego will do everything that it can to get in the way of this process. Your ego is driven by your brain, which doesn’t always have your best interests in mind when it’s making choices for you. Remember that your brain is very susceptible to addiction. Addicted behavior is not rational behavior. Part of you may still want to smoke, but you’re not going to let that part make the day-to-day decisions anymore.

    Do you find yourself saying, “Someday I’ll quit, I’m just not ready right now” or “I’ve got 
too much going on in my life right now to stop smoking”? That was your ego telling you that it wants its drug just a little bit longer. It does not want you to stop smoking, at least not today.


    It seems rather odd if you stop and think about it. Your ego goes to such lengths to get its 
way and yet, at the same time, seems utterly unaware that the eventual result of its actions is 
to self-destruct.


    You do not have to fight this battle any longer. You do not have to procrastinate. Your life does not have to be flawless, with the planets in perfect alignment, for you to take this step.


    You might hear others talk about how hard it is to quit, and you start to believe it for yourself. But 
you don’t have to buy into that. You can begin your life of freedom now. The life you were meant to live. The life your higher self needs for you to live.


    To get started, begin with Preparing to Quit Smoking.


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    Excerpts from Give It Up! Stop Smoking for Life provided with permission from author and publisher.

Published On: December 31, 2008