Quit Smoking and Reclaim Your Life

Anne Mitchell Health Guide
  • Quitting smoking takes time and it often takes multiple efforts. But once you have removed the cloud that was your smoking addiction, you will begin to have clarity. One day you will reach the point where smoking is no longer an option for you.


    You know it’s been slow suicide. You know that even if you don’t die from cancer, you will likely suffer and die from some other smoking-related illness (most smokers do if they keep on smoking). You know there can be very serious consequences if you continue to smoke. You know you cause harm to others if you smoke around them.


    There is another force interested in seeing your higher self reach its potential. We could call that force God, or Goddess, or Nature. If the word God makes you uncomfortable, try using another word. All the word does is represent something out there that is not you but that is responsible for you and for everything you see.

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    Try saying this little mantra or prayer whenever you feel your ego trying to take over and make you want to smoke: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


    You will find the courage to stop. It’s already waiting inside of you. You only need to believe in it to tap into it.


    You come to see what you believe in. If you believe the world is a friendly place where people are basically good, then that is what you will encounter in your daily interactions. If you believe people are selfish creatures who are hostile and only out for themselves, then that is probably what you will encounter.


    If you believe you have the power within you to make a change as life-altering as this, then you will find it within yourself to do so. If you believe you are captive to the power of cigarettes, then that is how you will remain.


    If you believe there is an ultimate authority out there and within you that is deeply interested in seeing you succeed, then you will have access to that power. There are loving and benevolent influences all around you waiting to help. Call them your angels or spirit guides, gods or forces, or even your friends and family. Your higher self has been waiting for the day when you would choose to rise above your ego and fulfill your destiny of health and freedom. You are not alone.


    With your newfound freedom, you will stand tall and proud, knowing that you are in harmony with your universe. You will come to have higher self-esteem. You may have thought that good self-esteem was needed first in order for you to be able to do something brave or new. In fact, improved self-esteem is one of the positive results of doing something brave and new.


    Imagine yourself addiction-free. You will have more energy and more time. Think of how much time was spent on smoking, preparing to smoke, and cleaning up from smoking. What will you do with this time now? Will you use it to be creative, read, or play more with your child or pet? Will you use it to exercise, meditate, or even pick up a new hobby?


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    When you quit smoking, your choices open up and your world gets a little bigger.




    To start reclaiming your life, begin with Preparing to Quit Smoking.




    Excerpts from Give It Up! Stop Smoking for Life provided with permission from author and publisher.

Published On: January 12, 2009