Changing Smokers’ Stories: Mine and Yours

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • Back in the early sixties, while attending University of Texas (until this endeavor interfered with my drinking), I, seeking coolness and a sense of belonging - while rebelling against whatever there was to rebel against - dripping with parentally embedded fear, shame and insecurity, lit up a cigarette for the first time.


    After the coolness wore off, I, like a majority of smokers on this planet, continued to smoke because I was hooked.


    My affair with cigarettes outlasted my bedding down with booze; I successfully stopped drinking in 1978 but smoked until 1993, at which time I escaped from nicotine country without pain and without embracing my refrigerator on the rebound (

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    This story is, I've found, after working for 23 years with thousands of folks in the throes of their individual addictions - excluding my individual saga trimmings - not atypical.


    Prevention is groovy, as sixties parlance would have it, but prevention is not an option if one has already had the addiction experience. Becoming and remaining unhooked is certainly possible, although nicotine addicts are facing a formidable foe, via the very air they breathe, as each puff is taken.


    Yes, I'm presenting this particular substance addiction in a rather serious manner, simply because our lives are potentially at stake here.


    The purveyors of the drug nicotine, whichever delivery system these purveyors utilize - cigarettes, cigars, etc. - will create and reinforce misleading positive expectations for nicotine-curious folks and/or those individuals with budding nicotine addictions. No, you won't get laid if you smoke but it's pretty certain that you'll potentially be laid off or laid up or laid (six feet) under if you don't arrest this potent addiction.


    Whatever your nicotine story is, you can change it to a new story and reclaim your personal freedom.


    Nicotine drug dealers and their "product" are to be shunned. Is that not the appropriate reaction?


    You can begin by acknowledging that the drug nicotine, nicotine drug dealers along with false marketing promises, has addicted us rather effectively and - despite our doubts and fears to the contrary - we can escape from nicotine country and remain smoke-free for life. Why not pick up a pen or fire up your computer to log your own smoker's story? Ignite a powerful process. Secure your escape. Review your story and see where it takes you emotionally. Does nicotine seem like an old buddy, lover, or master?


    Does your personal story of when and why you feel that you began smoking - brought to light in this way - allow you to peek beyond your need for the drug? Can you envision hope?


    This is your blog if you're contemplating quitting or you've already quit smoking.


    I've experienced joy in my adventure of a nicotine-free life; I've enjoyed others' triumphs as well. I hope to hear from you and I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: February 27, 2008