Live a nicotine-free life and breathe easier

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • The favorable false emotional concepts about cigarettes, cigars, etc. that we've accepted and kept alive in our brains can be changed.


    Letting go of the most addictive substance on the planet can be achieved gradually while replacing the "loss" of it with empowering, nurturing, life-affirming healthy substitutes. When we light up nicotine's reality, we weaken its grip on us and we ultimately free ourselves completely.


    Our new nicotine-free lives can remain free by choosing to retain nicotine's true colors in our brains. We see these true colors in our mind's eye while at the same time we feel what nicotine really is to us, reminding ourselves of the very real potential pain and suffering nicotine - if we relapse - could visit upon us.

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    Our bright new lives with clearer lungs, cleaner hands, fresher breath, and renewed energy can help motivate us in our continuing endeavor to build and retain a powerful arrest of our nicotine addiction.


    Deliberately smashing any and all residual warm or nostalgic feelings about a toxic substance that induces coughing, sneezing, watery red eyes, and in some cases, the necessity for surgical removal of facial and other body parts, is an empowering activity for us.


    Filling our hearts and lungs with new life while eschewing disease and death from nicotine can be exhilarating and fun. Our lives have new potential when we choose not to ignite a cigarette.


    Walking, hanging out, climbing stairs, theater-going, reading, exploring new relationships, new intimacies, observing, planning, pondering, laughing out loud mingled with countless other life-actions are now more authentic minus the death-baggage of active nicotine consumption.


    Since I stopped smoking in 1993, I've had an opportunity to experience myself as a nonsmoker in most of the life situations I'd previously encountered as an addicted smoker for thirty years. What a feeling of authenticity I've had since shedding my nicotine straight jacket and, halting my addiction to alcohol in April 1978!


    I no longer feel warmed by the thoughts of cigarettes or booze. I deliberately shined a klieg light on what my life had become, causing these afflictions to shriek in reality's harsh glare and scurry away back into the pit of darkness from whence they came; I had initially summoned them by innocently taking a drink and lighting up a cigarette years ago.


    Not everyone who takes a drink becomes an alcoholic. Most folks who try cigarettes, though, if they continue puffing, sooner or later increase their intake of the drug and get hooked.


    I hope you're enjoying your deep breathing in your nicotine-free life. If you want to become a nonsmoker, joining your brothers and sisters in our joyous freedom from nicotine addiction, contact me via my website


    I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: March 26, 2008