A Hopeful Era: Is Smoking on its Way Out?

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  • Last week I enjoyed the BBC World News on PBS, a particularly fascinating piece about Turkey, quintessential land of smokers; an aerial view of Istanbul might be blocked by cigarette clouds.  OK, an exaggeration, but bans on smoking in public places are – believe it or not – already in place there. Although resisted by many (old nicotine addictions die hard), in a smoking culture where tobacco is cheap, Turkey, a premier bastion of smoke-a-thons, is significantly changing its smoking policies as you read this post. 


    I’ve shared in earlier posts that now is the time to quit nicotine and to stay off the drug with many of our own planet’s inhabitants cheering your success; and, if they could, creatures in our world’s forests would join in the jubilee, as they prefer to keep alive as well.

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    What a win/win era!  “That may be,” you say, “but my addiction is scary and formidable and I’m not like others who quit.  I just can’t. I don’t have the strength to do it.” 


    Here’s what you can do, even if you only want to want to quit smoking:


    Gather a number of resources – in this era of support – from the internet, your local phonebook, newspaper, etc.  Spread them before you on a table (or the floor of your home) and systematically, daily, start to contact one or two.  Contact your family doctor, if you have one, and enlist his or her help.


    Taking these actions, these steps, will point you toward your personal recovery from a hideous addiction that is sapping your strength and, yes, your life.  Sure, it’s serious but, I promise you this: fun in a nicotine-free lifestyle really awaits you.


    We who have our nicotine addictions under arrest want you to join us; the more, the merrier.  Experience hikes with us, sports, swims, sunsets.  Envision that glorious time ahead when you’re free.  Construct an ad that you can run in your local paper when you’re free from cigarette addiction.  Your ad could seek others who’re off nicotine to meet once a month to enjoy healthy outings or dinner and theater events, whatever you fancy.


    Envision the not too distant day you can embrace your new life, new friends, new experiences in a nicotine free environment. Be proactive. You’ll have newfound energy for these new activities. Hell, I’ve even been turned on by the ability to climb stairs without wheezing since I escaped from nicotine country in 1993.


    Join me. Join all of us. We really miss you and wish you were here.


    Visit me at quitnicotinenow.net. I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: May 28, 2008