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  • I just returned from a speaking engagement in Tucson, Arizona, sponsored by the local Center for Inquiry, a humanist group. I gave my talk from the stage of the beautiful Duval Auditorium of the University Medical Center on the campus of the University of Arizona. The presentation concerned recovery options from the addictive disorders, including nicotine dependency. Addictions are of great concern to most everyone on the planet; thus, the question and answer portion was intense, lively and exhilarating for all in attendance Sunday afternoon, August 17.


    A number of us continued our lively discourse in the adjacent university cafeteria following the event and some of these folks volunteered to start a new SOS addiction recovery support group meeting there on campus in the near future. I gave them some SOS group meeting start-up materials; they had purchased copies of my various addiction recovery books as well. Persons who'd quit smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs shared how they'd accomplished their individual successes and all were enriched.

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    I stayed at a magnificent home situated on a golf course and five star hotel/country club. My wonderful hosts, a married couple who'd arranged for my talk, were leaders of the humanist group. They drove me to dinner in a golf cart amid a magical desert backdrop of huge cacti. We were served outdoors in the sweet desert air by a team of country club waiters.


    After a light dinner, Jerry, one of my hosts, related his personal nicotine-quit story. He'd been off tobacco for over twenty years.


    "Many years ago, my first wife felt that, as a university professor, I'd look sharp with a pipe in hand. So she bought me a beautiful one, along with a pouch of aromatic pipe tobacco.


    "After a time," Jerry continued, "I grew weary of the required pipe cleaning ritual and opted for cigarettes. Before long, I was ‘off and running.' I was hooked.


    "Through the years I continued smoking cigarettes until I made a decision to look at this behavior," he said.


    "This is what I did." Jerry then proceeded to impersonate his earlier smoking self. He mimed smoking a cigarette, screwed up his facial expression, then he barked: "Well, Jim, I don't guess this look is particularly appealing. I can see that this crap is not cool like I used to think that it was." Jerry mimed blowing smoke into the faces of past friends. "So in doing this pantomime of myself, I realized that this was really awful. I realized that only I could make a change. Only I could stop smoking. And I did."


    I truly love these stories. What's your quit story? Tell us and we'll happily post it to instruct and inspire others who want to quit smoking.


    Haven't stopped smoking yet? Consider Jerry's success story. Make a decision to take action. You can utilize the resources on this website. Set an appointment with your family physician and begin your new life.


    Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.


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Published On: August 20, 2008