Troubled Times Can Be a Catalyst for Change

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  • Crazy, unsettling times can make us feel anxious, to say the least. Political campaigns are in final swing and passions rage. Global economics totter and many of us are directly affected. I recently received an alarming phone call from a dear old friend. Retired for many years, he's seen his modest investment plummet and he has real concerns. He's also a retired smoker for many years. Tobacco isn't in his coping kit. His mind is sharp, his wit is keen. His is an active "retirement" in that he participates in life as much as he did in earlier years, with limited mobility (he walks with a cane).

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    He's involved in numerous important causes, not just kill-the-time-busy-work. He used to be a heavy smoker but escaped from nicotine addiction long ago.

    If you're relatively young, my old friend Walter presents a fast-forward example of a life lived tobacco-free for most of his adulthood. Whatever ensues in one's years of living needn't include the tar-laden slime of cigarettes.

    So, as a relatively younger person, please take a look down the road, give a thought for the morrow in this respect: envision your personal years to come of potential life adventures - including fun and joyous times - free from the cycle of your active nicotine addiction.

    These troubled times can be a great opportunity for you to stop smoking! Here's why: you can utilize this climate of woe to chart a new course for yourself no matter what and approach this potential achievement as a separate issue from all else.

    As tough times travail, you can feel your freedom from smoking on a daily basis while feeling the impact of your separate-issue continuing accomplishment: "Whatever else is going on," you might say to yourself, "I have stopped smoking. I did this. I continue to keep tobacco out of my life. This is a magnificent achievement for me. Come what may, I own this. What a joy! Whatever monetary turmoil ensues, I have my separate-issue freedom from cigarettes to treasure. I value my achievement and allow myself to savor it, no matter what."

    As you continue your well-deserved separate-issue praise of yourself, you can also acknowledge the real treasure of non monetary core values: your pink lungs, your restored health, your happy brisk walks, your upbeat energy status in the act of living unshackled by smokes. Your happy brain can better cope with troubled times.
    When one breaks the cycle of nicotine addiction and feels enough energy to become more mobile, one's brain, via healthy moderate exercise, research informs us, gets happy.

    I'm happy to be alive as a nonsmoker, no matter the times. Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.


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Published On: October 14, 2008