Life’s a Banquet: Quit Smoking and Enjoy!

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • THURSDAY I'll present a recovery award at the SHARE! (Self-Help Recovery Exchange) Twelfth annual Recovery Awards Banquet in West Los Angeles, honoring some folks from NAMI Peer to Peer Project.

    This mental-health-advocacy recovery organization is a marvelous example of the success of and need for alternatives/options in recovery, whether from substance-abuse addictive disorders or mental-health issues.

    This annual award, the "James Christopher Award," which I'm honored and pleased to present each year, was named after me by the SHARE! Organization, for deserving recipient(s) who've championed and exemplified alternatives in their respective recovery fields. SHARE! created this award and they determine who is to receive it each year.

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    Although I'm proud to have an award named after me, I'm life-and-death proud of my own recovery from booze addiction (1978) and from cigarette addiction (1993).

    Sadly, at the break, just outside the hotel, I anticipate smokers, some who are prominent leaders in recovery - both addiction and mental health - lighting up, huddled around the free-standing ash tray near the parking lot. Go figure. Sure their numbers have diminished over time, but nicotine addiction hasn't subsided completely. You may be keenly aware of this health-sapping menace in your own life.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to attend events nicotine-free? To move from here to there without emitting the stench of tobacco from your pores and garments? To flash a clean-breath white-teeth smile? And how about exuberance and energy brought back to your limbs, lungs, and life?

    You can have this freedom from tobacco. This reality can be yours when you make a decision to reach out for support and ultimately free yourself from years of nicotine addiction.

    I look forward to tonight's festivities.

    FRIDAY The SHARE! Twelfth Annual Recovery Awards Banquet went well and I had a blast presenting awards to two very deserving recipients.

    Ruth Hollman, SHARE!'s dynamic founder, now learning to live with her fibromyalgia, was back in full swing, hosting the glitzy event with her signature dynamism.

    One of last night's SHARE! award recipients was legendary psychiatrist and psychotherapist, William Glasser, originator of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. Bradley Smith, Dr. Glasser's assistant, in his introduction, noted that among Dr. Glasser's ongoing efforts is his work to help folks stop smoking.

    It's great to have all the passionate, highly skilled icons we can in the effort to help human beings break free and maintain freedom from nicotine addiction.

    As I had mentioned prior to attending the drug-free recovery banquet, outside the hotel entrance a stench of tobacco gagged me as I headed for my car in the parking lot after the night's smoke-free, booze-free, drug-free recovery event. These occasional hideous brief encounters with second-hand smoke remind me of the horrific nicotine veil I've shed and the crisp, real life I now lead. Won't you join me, join us non-wheezing, nicotineless, fresh-air folks in a brand-spanking-new adventure?

  • Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.

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Published On: October 27, 2008