Stop Smoking: We're All In This Together

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • The Big Win. Our collective hope for pulling together now and in the future is at long last a stunning reality. I actively campaigned for President Elect Barack Obama and I voted for him in both the primary and general elections. He used to smoke cigarettes; I believe he halted his nicotine habit and that's a relief for us all; may he lead in excellent health!


    Obviously greatness is not impeded by nicotine; it's not that kind of drug. Yes, it's true that one can achieve, excel and accomplish as a cigarette smoker.


    I stopped drinking alcohol in 1978, long before I snuffed out my last cigarette in 1993. I have solid evidence that - long before ceasing to smoke - I helped many people in their efforts to recover from active alcohol addiction, just as I'd successfully recovered from my own alcoholism.

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    I did this as an addiction-recovery advocate via one-on-one as well as group counseling, giving talks globally, writing articles and books, leading countless self-empowerment support-group meetings. But smoking has consequences. When I finally stopped smoking I ceased polluting my life and the breathing space of others.
    Perhaps you've achieved a lot with cigarette in hand. Unlike alcohol addiction and other mind-bending drugs, you've not been held back by nicotine. Yet.

    Here's a promise, from me and countless ex smokers to you: you and all those around you will be far better off when you cease to smoke.

    Stop smoking for you. Homo sapiens tend to continue to do some things they do, seemingly with impunity, unless and until they deliberately take an honest look - both cognitively and viscerally - at stuff they're doing that's ultimately painfully consequential to them individually as living organisms on this planet with limited resources within the context of their finite lives.

    Smokers can individually break free from their perceived "comfort zones," i.e., cycles of addiction, into a new day, which, in glorious truth, is far more exhilarating than what, in a heretofore suppressed perception of reality, was, in fact, a debilitating addiction. Stop smoking and be well.

    Stop smoking now and be well on your way to new potential life achievements aided by heretofore nicotine-suppressed energy and vigor. A brighter outlook is possible when chronic tobacco use is halted, because depression lessens.
    Stop smoking now and increase your productivity, creativity, and pleasure. Stop smoking now and spare those around you from second-hand toxins.
    Stop smoking now and increase your potential longevity and individual quality of life. This can be your big win.


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Published On: November 17, 2008