Enjoy Your Options, Empower Yourself, Seek Support, Stop Smoking

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • Susan stopped by SOS International to pick up a selection of brochures for an SOS Self-Empowerment support-group meeting for all addictive disorders (including nicotine addiction) that she chairs every week.

    We chatted in my office and she discussed past incompatibility with OA (Overeaters Anonymous, a 12 step faith-based approach, similar to the AA model).
    SOS, which I founded back in 1985, is a global alternative for 12 step and an option that Susan prefers, having long ago replaced OA with her SOS meeting, which she's led for some time now. Susan shared her perspective on why AA and all other 12 step meetings - though not her cup of tea - work.

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    She opined, "AA, OA, even with flaws in their programs, are, I think, an authoritarian-structured solution to addictions. Addictions feel authoritarian. I mean that I felt my addiction was in control of me and 12 step offered a very structured faith-dependent control system; in a sense, I exchanged one addiction for another."

    I'd never thought of it quite like that, but what she said made sense.
    SOS stresses that one can confront an addiction with the following gut-and-head concordance; e.g., "I won't smoke cigarettes, No Matter What!" "I will - as a separate issue from all else - maintain and protect my freedom from nicotine enslavement. My freedom from nicotine is my priority, so that I may continue to experience my new nicotine-free life."

    This SOS cognitive/visceral commitment approach to arresting and maintaining the arrest of a person's addictive disorders, is as powerful, for some folks, as 12 step is for other folks. We need it all in the face of our addictions; we simply choose what works best for us, as individuals.

    Susan's path to recovery has been working for her for years now. Her commitment to chair a meeting every week has helped numerous individuals begin and maintain recovery from booze, drugs (including nicotine addiction), overeating, and other addictive disorders.

    Perhaps today, as you read this post, you'll consider Susan's success and take action by locating stop-smoking support for yourself. You might feel fine in a 12 step faith-based support group; you might prefer the SOS self-empowerment approach; you might visit a stop-smoking component in your local hospital.

    Arise off your tush and reach out for options. You know you, so select something that feels supportive and, if you change your mind, don't let this deter you and plop you back down on the couch in motionless cigarettedom. Take a breath and try another avenue for your personal recovery, your very own triumph over tobacco.
    Explore your options, seek alternatives and you'll find your recovery, your rebirth as a new you.

    I, as a longtime sober drunk and nicotine-free person, wish you all the best in your adventure.

    Visit me at Quitnicotinenow.net. I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: December 03, 2008