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  • Thanksgiving Day festivities turned disastrous for me. I won't go into detail; suffice it to say I experienced hardcore ingratitude from someone I'd attempted to help, resulting in my personal pain, anger, sadness.

    Not all plans work out, of course, but I - post-disaster - home alone, surveyed the situation and found solid stuff for which to be grateful: my overall health, home, sense of purpose in my life, close friends, including a new puppy-love, Opie (named by the wonderful no-kill rescue-agency folks). I've decided on Opie's formal name for special black-tie occasions: Gustav Oppenheimer Christopher. What a joy he is as he approaches one year of life! I brought him home after little Miles, my beloved pooch companion, whom I rescued over eleven years ago, died at age fifteen this past summer, as I've shared in previous posts.

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    Holiday season has its ups and downs and folks new to recovery that I've counseled, find this time of year difficult to navigate, especially when they're around others - who may smoke, drink alcohol, when they're eschewing these activities - relatives and friends with issues and "colorful" personalities provide potential for friction.
    Certainly there can and will be challenges throughout our lives. In my own life, having experienced over thirty years of successfully arrested alcoholism and over fifteen years of arrested nicotine addiction, I've had the satisfaction and opportunity to give back in support, counsel, activism. I - for all this time - haven't experienced a knee-jerk need to smoke or drink when bad things occur, and I pass the "how to" of my solid recovery on to others. In brief, a cigarette or a drink (if ye be alcoholic) won't really fix anything.
    Pull yourself out of the holiday pit by reaching out for support and help today. If you've finally decided at long last to stop smoking and (if applicable) stop drinking - the holidays are a great time for change - the New Year is just around the corner. Begin anew. This could be your holiday recovery story, your new life. This is, after all, that special time of year when we - both individually and collectively - take stock of our lives, where we are and where we are going. Change is already in the air via a new US presidential election. Now is your opportunity.
    Visit me at Quitnicotinenow.net. I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: December 10, 2008