Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Wheezing?

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • So far so good. Holiday heavy-duty blahs haven't hit yours truly.

    How about you? One sure-fire way to continue one's toxic-veiled existence, blunting sheer-joy potential for yet another year, is smoking cigarettes. By that I mean this: chronic nicotine use contributes to one's blahs. Mandatory smoking - via one's deeply entrenched habit - isn't fun, isn't fulfilling; 'tis draining. I remember over 15 years ago when smoking was a must for me, a matter of course, associated with everything else, superseding everything else, yet not noticed, per se, just taken as a given.


    Experienced with perhaps an internal - and, at times, external - sigh of resignation, a faint phlegm-coated realization that I was hooked, but "I can't do anything about that right now." Is this you? Are you smoking as you read this blog post?

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    Try this. Stand up, take your cigarette with you to the most convenient mirror in your home. Look directly into your mirror and take a deep drag. Continue staring at yourself, don't divert your gaze, and exhale cigarette smoke toward your mirror. That's you. Do you feel apathetic about nicotine in your life, every day of your life?

    Continue your dead-on gaze at yourself in your mirror as you continue to allow yourself to be aware of what you're doing.

    After this exercise, and you've returned to your computer screen, try this next: use your computer to connect with numerous stop-smoking resources right now. Not yet engaged? OK. I urge you to get up once again, take your next cigarette-in-a-seemingly-non-ending-series-of-nicotine-until-death-do-us-part and return to your nearest mirror. Repeat the earlier exercise. Do you feel more receptive as you continue your nicotine-laden life this holiday season? Does your cigarette-induced coughing and wheezing drown out the gentle distant jungle-jangle of sleigh bells?
    Remember long ago when Santa stuffed your stocking with a carton of smokes?


    Perhaps his "Ho, ho, ho!" revealed yellow teeth and tobacco breath back in those days of yore. Take it from me, Santa stopped smoking long ago! He's also joined a gym and has shed some weight. Mrs. Claus and the elves have been free from second-hand smoke for some time now.

    This can be your personal moment to break free; to move beyond wanting to want to stop smoking right into action. Connect with those resources you've just accessed. Help is waiting. Help is real. Help is power for change. Happy Holidays.

    Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: December 11, 2008