Scary New Year en Route? Stop Smoking and Take Heart!

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • As the new year approaches, I've been hit with information concerning the nonprofit sponsor of SOS (an organization I created over 23 years ago as an alternative worldwide resource for addicted folks who weren't too keen on 12-step groups).


    Like many nonprofits, we're in the red, especially in an economy that's currently "in the toilet." Our longtime benefactor and primary sponsor is hurting and holding a massive fund drive. They need to stay afloat. SOS, in turn, needs to survive as well.

    I share this to exemplify that smoking cigarettes and, in my case, as a longtime sober alcoholic, turning to the bottle, aren't options that come to my mind. Scary times pop up on occasion, i.e., the economy tanks, thus striking financial fear in the hearts and minds of many of us; friends and loved ones suffer grave illnesses, etc.

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    Reintroducing addictive drugs and behaviors won't really quell fears, anxieties, concerns. Taking hypothetical scenarios to the extreme - speaking only for myself - if forced to live under a bridge and dine on cat food, I'm confident I'd do it alcohol-free and nicotine-free. Why? Why not! At least I'd have my recovery from these hideous addictions and that - as has been said - isn't chopped liver!

    Hopefully the aforementioned ghastly imaginary situation, although improbable, does illustrate just how much I value my treasured recovery from alcohol and nicotine addictions.

    As this new year approaches, let's consider our plus stuff. I continue, after 30 years of freedom from alcohol and 15 years free from nicotine addiction, to be grateful for my recovery.

    Do you still smoke? Would you like to experience 2009 nicotine-free? We can't control the economy. We can stop smoking and support each other in that process. And that's "nothing to be sneezed at!" Factually, sneezing will diminish in a new pink-lungs persona.

    You can do this, this new year! Reach out now for help. Many powerful support resources await you!

    Maybe economic disasters also await; maybe the economy will pick up. Active addictions only and always make things worse. I hope to hope until I cease to exist. Can you feel some hope for your life in 2009?

    I once attempted suicide, many years ago as a cigarette-smoking-hard-drinking person in despair. I don't recommend it. If you are feeling bad you can feel better - regardless of events you can't control - when you give yourself a new smoke-free reality!
    I hope the new year is bright and healthy for us all!

    Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: December 19, 2008