Clichés vs Carcinogens; I’m an Ex-Smoking Cornball

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • "Out with the old and in with the new" could mean your 2009 fresh start as you shed the leathery skin of nicotine addiction and breathe in life full on for the first time in a long while.


    Bound up those stairs exhilarated and renewed. Make an entrance enthusiastically into your new life; this is your time to scream "screw you!" to cigarettes and their meaningless, mindless cycle of addiction.


    Leave day after day of old tobacco blues behind. Dance a little, kick up your heels. You've every right to feel celebrative as you make a commitment to stop smoking and embrace your forthcoming freedom!

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    Can you hear bells pealing, birds chirping, ocean waves crashing against a sun-dappled ridge upon which you stand, arms upheld in triumph?

    Isn't this great? You've arrived. You're here, jubilant in a field of your very own potential.


    One's life experiences may be finite, but they can truly belong to you, not nicotine.
    What a time this can be for you as you connect with others who eschew smoking and heartily support you. Yes, there'll likely be hugs and hot tea; tearful realizations and heartfelt sharings. Isn't this fun? Isn't the gift of life amazing?


    No, you don't have to "settle back down" and light up a cigarette, huddled in a dark corner with addicted others.
    Stay in the light, the bright warm beam of your new awareness. Don't fall back into the thrashing arms of lost coughing, phlegm-spewing addicts. You're found! You're sound! Stay that way! For you!
    Feel the strong support of your new nicotine-free friends. Exchange phone numbers. Call them. Talk with them.


    Here comes day after day of a cigarette-free you.


    Nay-sayers belong back at the decaying donut shop with smokes smoldering, lives withering away. You most certainly don't have to join them.
    How well I - a former 30-year smoker - know!

    Yes, for three long decades I smoked.


    Please don't continue to endure your addiction. This is a really great time to turn to a solid support system consisting of helpful providers: doctors, new approaches, supportive recovered smokers, and - of equal importance - a majority attitude for freedom from nicotine.


    This new year can be your new year as a nicotine-free individual.


    I wish you Happy Holidays and Happy Nicotine-Free New Year!
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    I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: December 24, 2008