This Can Be Your Happy New Year to Stop Smoking

Jim Christopher Health Guide
  • A woman recently attending our free weekly Tuesday-night all-addictions self-empowerment SOS recovery-group meeting for her first time, quietly shared that she had five days off cigarettes. We gave her warm support and a list of our other meeting sites in her geographical area; she'd driven a distance to participate in this support-group meeting. She, I think, means business; I, as did the other folks at the meeting, cheered her on. She's on her way in this new year!

    You can join her and the multitudes of homo sapiens each individually returning to re-embrace the natural state: life free from tobacco. Remember way back when you didn't smoke? You had a nicotine-free life. This new year can be a return to the real you, unfettered by smoking, unencumbered by pack after pack, cough after cough.

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    The idea of divorcing yourself from tobacco can be scary. That's why it's helpful to seek support from numerous stop-smoking resources at your disposal.


    The beginning of a new calendar year is an opportunity, a starting point for a new you. Freedom from active nicotine addiction is a glorious achievement! As I've shared so often in previous posts, I literally owe my life to having halted my nicotine and booze addictions many years ago.


    You'll enjoy the extra energy awaiting you as an ex-smoker. You'll enjoy unexpected positive vistas of new choices, new experiences. New because nicotine isn't there to blunt them, veil them, make them less exuberant. Whatever age you are, 2009 can be strikingly different from previous smoke-laden years, if you make a decision to escape from nicotine enslavement.
    As I said earlier in this post, there are numerous paths to freedom from smoking available to you right now.


    Explore these avenues. It's easy to check them out and it's life-and-death important to you, for you. You know this. Now you can take action by reaching out. Think of it! This new year can be a year you'll come to cherish, to remember fondly, with pride.
    You've had year after year of mindless lighting up. Isn't it time for you? Tell cigarettes to "get lost!" Grip the strong hand of help now awaiting you. Take this as your opportunity. Reverse the crippling cycle you've been in for too long; move directly into your very own recovery. Good luck!


    Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.

Published On: January 13, 2009