Stop Smoking Now to Enjoy the Still New Year!

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  • Lots of exciting activities are filling my plate in this new year including opportunities to offer SOS self-empowerment addiction-recovery group meetings at a new facility in downtown Los Angeles. The folks who'll benefit from this support are skid-row inhabitants and area office workers. Individuals from all walks of life get addicted to cigarettes, booze, and other drugs; these free meetings will help them all.

    I'm also gearing up for our second annual International Festival of Recovery, which will feature my tenth annual Funeral for the Unknown Smoker, complete with casket and all the horrific trimmings.

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    The consequences of smoking are horrific and I've done my best to convey a truthful message in my weekly blog posts.

    The more awareness acquired by smokers the better! We humans - notoriously creatures of habit - tend to zone out concerning our individual cycles of addiction. We plod along, day after day, our darkened lungs mindlessly inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke instead of relatively fresh air.

    The result could be a "new life" taking root: a cancerous tumor which could well extinguish a human life. Why not, alternatively, extinguish our addictions to tobacco? We sometimes succeed in time to save ourselves; sometimes not.

    Yes, tobacco use can cause severe disabilities and, ultimately, untimely needless deaths.

    If you, today, right now, allow yourself to experience a momentary acidic-fear-reaction in your stomach concerning your smoking, you could, this very moment, make a solid decision to take action in order to bring your dependence on nicotine to a halt.

    Picture the very real potential of thwarting the consistent onslaught of serious, disfiguring - even fatal sickness caused directly from smoking cigarettes.

    You've been at it for a while. You've given cigarettes a place in your life but addiction demands more.

    Picture marching mindlessly along in a parade of gigantic lit cigarettes as each smoke begets another and another and another as far as the eye can see. Choose to stop marching, reach out and others will take your hand in theirs and help pull you out of the parade of death.

    A supportive stop-smoking group can be a real lifesaver.

    I've enjoyed chairing and participating in addiction-recovery support groups. Ex-smokers want you to win, i.e., they want you to get your life back, so that you can come out and play. The year is still young! Put your old lighter in a drawer. Open your windows, let some real light in.

    Visit me at I look forward to being with you again next week.


Published On: January 24, 2009